Who was responsible for the Keddie Cabin murders?

Who was responsible for the Keddie Cabin murders?

Immediately, the two lead suspects were Justin Smartt’s father and the Sharp’s neighbors, Martin Smartt and his houseguest, ex-convict John “Bo” Boudebe who was known to have connections to organized crime in the area. Both men had been seen in suits and ties behaving oddly in the bar the night before.

What is the story behind cabin 28?

Inspired by the true story of the Keddie Murders, an unsolved 1981 quadruple homicide that occurred in the town of Keddie in the USA. The murders took place in cabin 28 on the evening of April 11, 1981. The victims were Sue Sharp, her son John and his friend, Dana Wingate.

Who was involved in the Keddie murders?

The murders took place in house No. 28 of the Keddie Resort….Keddie murders.

Victims, clockwise: Sue Sharp, John Sharp, Dana Wingate, and Tina Sharp
Date April 11–12, 1981
Deaths Glenna Susan Sharp John Sharp Dana Wingate Tina Sharp
Missing Tina Sharp (remains recovered April 1984)
Suspects Unknown

Where did the Keddie murders happen?

The horror happened at the Keddie Resort in Cabin 28 on April 11, 1981. Sheila Sharp, 14, spent the night next door to her home in Cabin 28 with a friend for a sleepover. She came home to change clothes for church when she discovered three bodies inside covered in blood.

Where was the Utah cabin murders filmed?

The plug sockets shown in the cabin are UK standard, this is due to these scenes being filmed in Wales.

Is the Utah cabin murders based on a true story?

The real life crime the film is based on is the 1990 home invasion by Von Taylor and Edward Deli of a remote family cabin in Oakley, Utah, belonging to the Tiede family. The two men murdered Beth Potts and Kaye Tiede and also shot Kaye’s husband, Rolf, and left him for dead.

Is Bernie from the movie still in jail?

After the movie was released, an attorney revisited Tiede’s case and discovered sexual abuse that could have been a mitigating factor considered at his trial. He was granted a new punishment hearing in 2014 in a different county and even released on bond, but in 2016 a jury sentenced him to 99 years in prison.

Did Bernie Tiede plead guilty?

He was temporarily released on bail in 2014, pending a resentencing hearing. Despite the new evidence, Tiede was sentenced to 99 years or life….

Bernie Tiede
Conviction(s) First-degree murder
Criminal penalty 99 years or life

What happened at Cabin 28 in Keddie?

Between April 11 and April 12, 1981, Glenna “Sue” Sharp and three others were brutally killed in the resort town of Keddie, California. To this day, the murders remain unsolved. Plumas County Sheriff’s Office Cabin 28 at Keddie Resort, 1981.

Is Cabin 28 based on a true story?

Then, I got angry. Cabin 28 starts off with the message that it is “based on real events.” In this case, the events were the unsolved murders of 4 people (a mother, 2 of her children, and a friend) in Keddie, California in 1981.

What happened to sue Sharp in Cabin 28?

On April 11th 1981, Sue Sharp and her family are enjoying their stay at Cabin 28 in the peaceful holiday resort of Keddie. But a day of fun at the remote getaway turns into a heart stopping nightmare as nightfall brings masked strangers to the Cabin.

What happened to Rick and Greg in Cabin 28?

The Seabolt’s teenage son, Jaime, went back to Cabin 28 to see if anyone in the home was still alive. He found Rick and Greg, as well as their friend Justin in a bedroom. The three boys seemed completely unaware of what had gone on in the house just a few feet away from them.