Who was Frances Krays brother?

Who was Frances Krays brother?

Frankie Shea Jr.
Frank B Shea (born 1939) or also known as Frankie Shea Jr. was the older brother of Frances Shea, Reggie Kray’s first wife.

What did Reggie Kray do to Frances?

Reggie’s marriage to Frances Shea (1943–1967) in 1965 lasted eight months when she left, although the marriage was never formally dissolved. An inquest came to the conclusion that she had committed suicide, but in 2002 an ex-lover of Reggie Kray’s came forward to allege that Frances was murdered by a jealous Ronnie.

Did Ronnie and Reggie Kray have a brother?

Their old brother, Charlie Kray, was also a member of their gang “The Firm.” However Charlie was the “quiet Kray” and never received the notoriety of Ronnie and Reggie.

How true is Legend?

And Legend in 2015. Micky Fawcett has seen all three films, worked with the Krays and has written arguably the most factually accurate version of their story: Krayzy Days. A movie based on his book is in the early stages of development.

Did Reggie abuse Frances?

The tragic young wife of Reggie Kray wrote a diary describing how the “always drunk” gangster kept an arsenal of weapons by his bedside. Frances Shea wrote of the abuse and bouts of drunken temper she endured at the hands of the East End villain shortly before taking her own life when aged 24.

Why did Reggie abuse Frances?

The diary records how Reggie often told Frances “shut your mouth” and that he would “make her suffer” and torment her by suggesting he was having affairs with club hostesses.

Did the Krays really fight each other?

“They really fought each other like they wanted to kill each other.” After becoming the owners of the club in Knightsbridge, the pair were able to also extend their influence by rubbing shoulders with politicians and celebrities, starting several protection rackets for the wealthy.

What was wrong with Frances in Legend?

She suffered from mental health problems and was only 23. Frances, 52, found it hard to sit through the most harrowing moments in the film and dismisses Franie’s thoughts as “from [the filmmakers’] own vivid imagination”.

Which of the Krays was mad?

Ronnie suffered from a schizophrenic illness which often led to violent outbursts, and him being considered the crazy twin. However, in his book released from beyond the grave, Get Behind Your Door, Manning tells of how years behind bars had left Reggie with extreme paranoia.

Did the Krays regret?

Reggie Kray, the man whose words and deeds once terrorised the London underworld, said yesterday: “I have got no regrets, my brother didn’t have any either. I have learnt over the years, as did Ron, that there are many people worse off than us. A lot of people have no choice but we did.”

What happened to Francis in legend?

Despite an almost 10-year age gap, Franie and Reggie fell in love and were married, but she tragically ended her own life by taking an overdose just two years later.

What celebrities did the Krays know?

The great and the good passed through their nightclubs. Politicians rubbed shoulders with celebrities, and the twins often mixed with the likes of British sex symbol Diana Dors, and Hollywood legends Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland. In his autobiography, Ronnie Kray wrote: “They were the best years of our lives.