Who sang the song Sea of Love in the movie?

Who sang the song Sea of Love in the movie?

Sea of LoveThe GreatestWomanManhattanMetal HeartBad Religion
Cat Power/Songs

Tom Waits’s version was first available on the 1989 soundtrack for the movie Sea of Love and later on his 2006 album Orphans. Cat Power recorded it on her 2000 album, The Covers Record. The 2007 film Juno featured her version in its soundtrack.

Who originally wrote the song Sea of Love?

Phil PhillipsGeorge Khoury
Sea of Love/Composers

When did the song Sea of Love come out?

1999Sea of Love / Released

Who did the remake of Sea of Love?

Besides the Honeydrippers and Shannon versions, Sea of Love was also covered in 1981 by the poster boy of the latest SIT80’s Covers Part 2 podcast – Iggy Pop. The song also inspired by sexy thriller Sea of Love with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin with its title song version being performed down and dirty by Tom Waits.

What show is Sea of Love in?

Although Sea of Love is technically not a Netflix original, the streamer currently has exclusive distribution rights for the program after Netflix execs “fell in love” with the project in 2018 at the AAS kids show conference.

Is Sea of Love on Netflix?

Living together in harmony amidst these differences is the message at the heart of Sea of Love, our first English-language animated series for preschoolers from Thai creators, which starts airing today on Netflix.

Who were the honey drippers?

Jeff BeckRobert PlantNile RodgersGuitarBrian SetzerJimmy PagePaul ShafferKeyboard instrument
The Honeydrippers/Members

What happened to Phillip Phillips after American Idol?

The Georgia native was in a legal battle over his contract with American Idol’s production company 19 Entertainment in 2015, which prevented him from releasing new music. The lawsuit was settled in 2017. Phillips released his album Collateral in 2018 — his first studio album since 2014.

What channel is Sea of Love on?

Watch Sea of Love | Netflix Official Site.

What is a honeydripper slang for?

Honeydripper: According to one definition, the term was black slang for a “sweet” man. It was also a blues song by Joe Liggins, who wrote “The honeydripper, he’s a killer, the honeydripper he’s a solid gold cat, he’s the height of jive he’s a riffer, the honeydripper.”

Does Phillip Phillips have a medical condition?

Phillip Phillips has battled kidney problems throughout his life. The serious congenital kidney condition he is suffering from produces kidney stones so large they cannot pass. The condition has virtually debilitated his kidney.

Where can I see the movie Sea of Love?

Was Godless Based on a true story?

While the Netflix series is not explicitly based on any real person, it has a realistic feel, because creator Scott Frank was inspired by the real history of mining towns in the late nineteenth century in the Southwest.

Will there be a season 2 Godless?

Godless ended on November 22, 2017 so there won’t be a second season.

Who wrote the song Sea of Love?

” Sea of Love ” is a song written by John Philip Baptiste (better known as Phil Phillips) and George Khoury. It was the only top-40 chart -maker for Phillips, who never recorded another hit.

What is the story behind Sea of Love by Michael Phillips?

There was a girl named Verdie Mae Thomas who he was trying to impress, and since he was good with a guitar, he decided to do it with a song. In the Billboard Book of One Hit Wonders, Phillips is quoted as saying: “I had my guitar, so I went and wrote this song, ‘Sea of Love.’

What year did the song Sea of Love by Del Shannon peak?

* The original version of “Sea of Love” by Phil Phillips peaked at #2 {for 2 weeks} in 1959, and Del Shannon covered it in 1982, his version peaked at #33 {for 2 weeks}.