Who sang mother superior in sound of music?

Who sang mother superior in sound of music?

Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess in “The Sound of Music.” Acclaimed actress and singer Audra McDonald has won five Tony Awards and two Grammys, but for her co-starring role as Mother Abbess in tonight’s live NBC broadcast of “The Sound of Music,” she’s having to fend off some critics before the show airs.

Is Peggy Wood still alive?

March 18, 1978Peggy Wood / Date of death

How old was Peggy Wood when she died?

86 years (1892–1978)Peggy Wood / Age at death

Peggy Wood, the stage, screen and television actress who appeared in more than 70 Broadway productions and starred in the 1950’s television series “Mama,” died of a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday at Stamford (Conn.) Hospital. She was 86 years old and lived at Courtland Gardens, a Stamford retirement home.

How old is Marni Nixon?

86 years (1930–2016)Marni Nixon / Age at death

Who played the eldest daughter in The Sound of Music?

Charmian Carr
Charmian Carr (born Charmian Anne Farnon; December 27, 1942 – September 17, 2016) was an American actress and singer best known for her role as Liesl, the eldest Von Trapp daughter in the 1965 film version of The Sound of Music.

What does Mother Superior say to Maria in Sound of Music?

An extract from an unwittingly amusing scene in The Sound of Music: “What is it you can’t face, Maria?” says Mother Superior. To the ears of the filthy mind the phrase becomes an ironically obscene insult – language surely never used by a nun.

Does Julie Andrews have a potty mouth?

Andrews, who was made a dame by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at the turn of the century, revealed she has written a memoir with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, which will be published in October. As well as her sometimes potty mouth in private, the actress said her other big fault was that she was a terrible cook.

Why does the Reverend Mother call Maria into her office?

The Reverend Mother calls Maria into her office to berate her for allowing a man to see her hair and ankles. Taking this to mean that she should go back and see if the Captain will sex her, Maria puts on her tightest dress and returns to the family, where she abruptly starts singing again.