Who plays Rosie Webster?

Who plays Rosie Webster?

Helen FlanaganRosie Webster / Played byHelen Flanagan is an English actress. She is best known for playing the role of Rosie Webster in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street from 2000 to 2012; she reprised the role in 2017, before going on maternity leave on 8 June 2018. Wikipedia

Who played Kirsty Soames?

Natalie GumedeKirsty Soames / Played byNatalie Gumede is an English actress. She is known for playing Kirsty Soames in the ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, from 2011 to 2013. She previously played China in BBC Three comedy show Ideal. She has also appeared in The Persuasionists, Emmerdale and Doctor Who among other television shows. Wikipedia

Who played Jane in dinnerladies?

Sue Devaney
Sue Devaney (born Susan Barber, 2 July 1967) is an English actress. Her roles include Debbie Webster in Coronation Street, Rita in Jonny Briggs, Liz Harker in Casualty and Jane in dinnerladies.

Who plays Abby in Coronation Street?

Sally Carman
Since her arrival on the cobbles five years ago, it hasn’t been a quiet time for Abi Franklin or the actress that plays her. Sally Carman made her Coronation Street debut in the role of the former drug addict in 2017 a year after on-screen son Seb Franklin, played by Harry Visinoni made his first appearance.

What happened to the original Rosie Webster?

Emma Collinge played Rosie from her birth in December 1990, having landed the role at ten days old. Collinge made her final appearance in December 1999 after leaving the role to focus on gymnastics. In January 2000, the role was taken over by nine-year-old Helen Flanagan, a student of The Carol Godby Theatre Workshop.

Who was Kirsty to Tyrone?

Kirsty Soames was a character in Coronation Street from 2011 to Ep 8096 – 3 Apr 2013. She was a police officer and the abusive girlfriend of Tyrone Dobbs.

How old is Debbie Webster?

How old is Sue Devaney? Sue was born on 2 July 1967, making her 54-years-old. The star grew up in Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire and has had a string of roles in TV nad on stage.

Is Sally Dynevor’s daughter an actress?

Phoebe DynevorHarriet Dynevor
Sally Dynevor/Daughters

How old is Abby Franklin?

Sally Carman, 36, was born May 9, 1981 and is an English actress.

Are Abi and Tim still together?

Abi Franklin actress Sally Carman isn’t yet married but is engaged to fellow Coronation Street actor Joe Duttine who plays Tim Metcalfe.

How many times has Kevin Webster been married?

Kevin has been married three times since living there; his first marriage being to Sally Seddon in 1986. They had two girls, Rosie and Sophie but in 1999 they divorced because both Kevin and Sally had been unfaithful.

Why did Sian leave Coronation Street?

The two were originally cast as two school mates of Sophie Webster in order to allow her more storylines. The character was written out in 2011 after Sacha Parkinson quit the role and departed at the end of December that year.

Were Tyrone and Kirsty married?

Shortly before the wedding, Kirsty finds Tyrone’s secret phone that proves he and Fiz are now having an affair so she invites her to the wedding and during the ceremony, exposes the affair. Kirsty realises that Tyrone was only marrying her for custody of Ruby.

Was Tyrone married to Kirsty?

Who abused Tyrone in Corrie?

What happened to Kirsty in Coronation Street? Actress Natalie announced she was leaving the soap in 2013, after which her character was sent to prison. During Tyrone’s trial, Kirsty took Ruby to court and admitted she lied about Tyrone abusing her. Tyrone was released and Kirsty went to prison for 12 months.

What happened to Debbie Webster?

Debbie returned to Weatherfield in 2019 with some news for Kevin, and left before returning again in 2020. Debbie is another character who has had a total personality transplant during her 35 years away from Wethy as she is now a ruthless property developer, working with Ray Crosby. Debbie is played by Sue Devaney.

Where is Sue Devaney from?

Ashton-under-Lyne, United KingdomSue Devaney / Place of birth