Who plays Emmy in Casual?

Who plays Emmy in Casual?

Eliza Coupe
Casual (TV Series 2015–2018) – Eliza Coupe as Emmy – IMDb.

How old is the daughter in Casual?

Series creator and writer Zander Lehmann and executive producer and director Jason Reitman have put a lot of love and attention into the series, which is about the newfound world of post-divorce dating for Valerie (Michaela Watkins of Enlightened and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp), a 39-year-old therapist …

What happens to Alex in Casual?

Alex, having tried and failed to establish a real relationship with Rae (Maya Erskine), the mother of his child, accepts a larger responsibility than himself and moves to Austin, Texas, to stay close to his daughter, Carrie.

Who plays Gina new girl?

Michaela Suzanne Watkins
Michaela Suzanne Watkins (born December 14, 1971) is an American actress and comedian. Michaela played the role of Gina on Fox’s New Girl.

How old is Valerie from Casual?

He welcomes Valerie, 39, a successful therapist, and her mature but vulnerable 16-year-old daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) into his home, where the series explores family relationships, insecurities and new rules for romance. “They did a little bait and switch.

How old is Laura from Casual?

She is the daughter of Valerie and Drew and the niece of Alex. She, along with her mother, move into Alex’s house at the start of the series after her dad cheats on her mother. In the 12th episode of season 2 she says that her birthday is on December 27 and that she turns 18.

What happened to Emmy in Casual?

In the finale, Alex breaks up with Emmy after discovering that she slept with Valerie, even though Valerie admits that she intended to break them up. Their lives thrown into disarray, the season ends as Alex and Valerie watch their parents get married.

Who plays Leia in Casual?

Julie Berman
More Stories By Denise. Julie Berman (Chicago Med), who recurred as Leia in Season 1 of Hulu’s comedy series Casual, has been promoted to series regular for the second season, and Katie Aselton (The Gift, The League) has joined the cast in a recurring role.

Who is Michaela Watkins married to?

Fred KramerMichaela Watkins / Spouse (m. 2013)

Is Jake Peralta in New Girl?

Trivia. Jess Day is the only character from New Girl to appear in this first part of the crossover that is officially a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode. Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti, Captain Ray Holt, Charles Boyle and Nikolaj all appear in the second part of the crossover which is a New Girl episode.

What happened with Val and Jack on Casual?

He tried to utilize therapist Jennifer (Kate Aselton) — who is one of his sister’s only friends — but Val was the one he really needed. After tricking Val into coming home, Alex threw her a surprise birthday and sabotaged her relationship with Jack.