Who played piano on Mungo Jerry in the summertime?

Who played piano on Mungo Jerry in the summertime?

Colin Earl
Mungo Jerry was a four-piece, drummerless band, with a stand-up bass (Mike Cole) and a piano (Colin Earl). They’d signed to make an album because, in those days, that’s what underground bands did.

What year was Mungo Jerry in the summertime a hit?

In late 1969, as lead singer of the band Mungo Jerry, Dorset recorded In the Summertime, and the following summer it went on to become one of the fastest-selling singles in history. In all, the single has been purchased 30 million times and streamed and viewed on YouTube more than 300 million times.

Is in the Summertime by Mungo Jerry a blues song?

John from South Bend, InRay Dorset had his moment in the spotlight when his band, Mungo Jerry, recorded one of the biggest selling hits of 1970. A skiffle-style blues, “In The Summertime”, sold more than thirty million copies worldwide and became a classic of the summer season.

Is Ray Dorset married?

Britta DorsetRay Dorset / Spouse (m. 1995)

Who played the song Summertime?

The song was recorded for the first time by Abbie Mitchell on July 19, 1935, with George Gershwin playing the piano and conducting the orchestra (on: George Gershwin Conducts Excerpts from Porgy & Bess, Mark 56 667). The 1959 movie version of the musical featured Loulie Jean Norman singing the song.

What is meaning behind in the summertime?

In The Summertime is the ultimate feel-good anthem, a celebration of carefree days and nights, guided by an unstoppable melody and the buoyant tones of the song’s creator, Ray Dorset.

Who sang Summertime in the 70s?


Title Performer Release date
Summertime Abbie Mitchell
Summertime Abbie Mitchell 1974
Lullaby (“Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy”) Helen Jepson 1935
Summertime Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra 1936

What ethnicity is Mungo Jerry?

Mungo Jerry are a British rock band who experienced their greatest success in the early 1970s, with a changing line-up that has always been fronted by Ray Dorset….

Mungo Jerry
Origin Ashford, England
Genres Pop rock folk blues psychedelic rock soft rock country skiffle
Years active 1969–present

Does Mungo Jerry have kids?

Mungo Jerry remain big in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Poland and over the past few years I’ve played major jazz and blues festivals. “Each of my three marriages has produced two children and I also have three grandchildren. I married my present wife, Britta, in 1995.

What nationality is Ray Dorset?

EnglishRay Dorset / Nationality

Who sang the original version of the song Summertime?

The song soon became a popular and much-recorded jazz standard, described as “without doubt one of the finest songs the composer ever wrote ……Summertime (George Gershwin song)

Genre Jazz
Composer(s) George Gershwin
Lyricist(s) DuBose Heyward Ira Gershwin

Who sang the most famous version of Summertime?

But probably the most well-known and extraordinary of the pop versions of ‘Summertime’ is by Janis Joplin and her band, Big Brother and Holding Company.

Is Mungo Jerry a one hit wonder?

One Hit Wonders #16: “In The Summertime” by Mungo Jerry (Pye Records 1970) – cracked rear viewer.

What was Mungo Jerry’s biggest hit?

In the Summertime
The group’s biggest hit was “In the Summertime”. They had nine charting singles in the UK, including two number ones, five top 20 hits in South Africa, and four in the Top 100 in Canada.

What happened to Ray Dorset?

In 2016, Dorset said that he had suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for over 45 years, partly blaming the “rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle” that he enjoyed after the success of “In the Summertime”.