Who played chief Raynes in Arrow?

Who played chief Raynes in Arrow?

Danny Nucci
Arrow (TV Series 2012–2020) – Danny Nucci as Fire Chief Raynes – IMDb.

What shows is Danny Nucci in?

The Fosters2013 – 2018Firestarter: Rekindled2002Some of My Best Friends2001Snoops199910‑8: Officers on Duty2003 – 2004The Offer2022
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What is Danny Nucci ethnicity?

Born in Klagenfurt, Austria, to a French Moroccan mother and an Italian father, Nucci was raised in Italy until the age of seven, when his family relocated to the United States.

How old is Danny Nucci?

53 years (September 15, 1968)Danny Nucci / Age

Who plays Wallander’s father?

The strength of the script and Branagh’s finely drawn performance – not to mention the excellent scenes between Branagh and David Warner, who plays Wallander’s dad – make up for missteps. November 30, 2008 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

What does Fabrizio say in Italian in Titanic?

When Fabrizio and Jack are running to the ship after they win the tickets, Fabrizio says you’re “pazzo” which means you’re crazy! Hope this helps!

How old was Fabrizio in Titanic?

Fabrizio, played by Danny Nucci, was Jack’s lively Italian BFF, who — 20-year-old spoiler alert — died from a serious case of “crushed to death by a smokestack.” Fabrizio was there when Jack won passage on the voyage, he was there when the ship launched, and he was there when Jack declared himself king of the world.

Who voices Dr wrecker in gumball?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop David Warner (born July 29th, 1941) is an English actor best known for playing villainous roles. He voiced Rob in season 4 of The Amazing World of Gumball, from “The Nemesis” to “The Disaster.”

What is the name of David Warner daughter?

Ivy Mae WarnerIndi Rae WarnerIsla Rose Warner
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How did Fabrizio meet Jack?

Jack and Fabrizio just after they won their poker game. Jack and Fabrizio were first seen playing poker with Olaf and Sven. With less then 5 minutes until Titanic’s launch, Jack had won his hand in poker along with a pocket knife, money, and two tickets for steerage.

Was Fabrizio real in Titanic?

Fabrizio de Rossi is a fictional character from the 1997 film Titanic.

What is Rob in gumball?

Rob, formerly known as Dr. Wrecker, is the main antagonist of the animated show The Amazing World of Gumball. He was initially a minor character in first and second seasons, but as of the final episodes of third season, he becomes the main antagonist of the show.

Who is Wallander’s father?

Povel Wallander
In October 2008, Warner played the role of Lord Mountbatten of Burma in the BBC Four television film In Love with Barbara, a biopic about the life of romantic novelist Barbara Cartland. He plays Povel Wallander, the father of Kurt Wallander, in BBC One’s Wallander.

How old are David Warner’s kids?

The 34-year-old cricket superstar shares daughters Ivy, six, Indi, five, and Isla, two, with his wife of six years, Candice Warner. Under NSW’s lockdown restrictions, parents are encouraged to homeschool their children, unless they are essential workers.

Who are David Warner’s children?

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