Who played Aram on blacklist?

Who played Aram on blacklist?

Amir ArisonAram Mojtabai / Played byAmir Arison is an American actor of stage and screen, best known for his role as FBI Special Agent Aram Mojtabai in NBC’s The Blacklist. Wikipedia

What ethnicity is Aram from blacklist?

Aram tells Samar Navabi that he is from Delaware and is 1/4 (25%) Jewish and 2/4 (50%) Muslim.

Who is leaving blacklist cast?

‘The Blacklist’: Amir Arison Leaving After 9 Seasons, Laura Sohn Also Departs NBC Series In Season 9 Finale. Exclusive: The Blacklist is saying farewell to two series regulars, including one of NBC drama’s longest-serving cast members, Amir Arison.

Is Aram coming back to blacklist?

The producers, studio and network have been so supportive of my decision, and Aram remains ‘alive’ with the potential for a possible return at some point. Story-wise, it feels so organic with the events of this past season to take this step, and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

How does Aram have 60 million?

At first, he handled it very poorly, which, since this is The Blacklist, meant that he took $60 million of Raymond Reddington’s (James Spader) money hostage until Red brought him to wherever the criminal mastermind helped Samar flee to.

Are Aram and Alina leaving The Blacklist?

Also departing is Laura Sohn, who has portrayed FBI agent Alina Park for the past three seasons. Both characters’ exits were revealed at the end of tonight’s Season 9 finale. While Arison is leaving as a series regular, the door remains open for him to make guest appearances in Season 10.

Is Meera Malik the mole?

Meera was revealed to be the mole in the twelfth episode, “The Alchemist”. The following episode (“The Cyprus Agency”) she reveals she was acting under orders of Cooper, who had her leak blue prints of the “Post Office” on the pretense of a security upgrade.

Does Aram see Samar again?

The Blacklist EW has an exclusive first look at the return of Marnò as Agent Samar Navabi in the episode, marking a very exciting reunion indeed. With Samar back, and it sounds like she’ll be helping Aram with some major soul-searching as he processes the trauma he faced in the last few years.