Who owns the Pope-Leighey House?

Who owns the Pope-Leighey House?

the National Trust for Historic Preservation
As the only public Frank Lloyd Wright work in the National Capital Region and owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Usonian-style Pope-Leighey House is nestled within a small wooded grove on the same site as the Trust’s historic Woodlawn mansion in Alexandria, VA.

Who lived at Woodlawn Plantation?

The main Federal-style house was designed by the architect of the U.S. Capitol, Dr. William Thornton, and constructed between 1800 and 1805 as the plantation house for Washington’s nephew, Major Lawrence Lewis, and his wife, Eleanor “Nelly” Custis Lewis.

Where is the Woodlawn Plantation?

Fairfax County VA
Fairfax County VA. Historical Landmarks – Woodlawn Plantation, Fairfax County Virginia.

When was the Pope-Leighey House built?

The Pope-Leighey House, built in Falls Church, Virginia and named after its two owners, was completed in 1940. Loren Pope, a journalist in Falls Church, VA, moved into the house in 1941 and was the first owner with his family but only six years later sold it to Robert and Marjorie Leighey.

Are there any Frank Lloyd Wright houses in West Virginia?

Four Frank Lloyd Wright homes are located within easy proximity of Morgantown. Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably the most famous American architect, with more than 1,000 structures to his name.

Who owns Fallingwater today?

the Conservancy
Fallingwater is owned and operated by the Conservancy and open to the public to tour as a museum. Fallingwater is surrounded by 5,100 acres of natural land, streams and trails known as the Bear Run Nature Reserve.

Are there any Frank Lloyd Wright houses in South Carolina?

Broad Margin, a private residence located in Greenville, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951 and built in 1954. It is one of only two buildings designed by Wright in South Carolina — the other is the Auldbrass Plantation in Beaufort County.