Who owns Mackie mixers?

Who owns Mackie mixers?

Greg Mackie
Greg Mackie founded Mackie Designs, Inc. in 1988, following the success of his first two professional audio equipment companies, TAPCO and AudioControl.

What cable do I need to connect my laptop to a mixer?

6 Ways To Connect An Audio Mixer To A Computer (Mac or PC)

  1. RCA to 1/8″ Cable > USB Sound Card > Computer.
  2. Dual 1/4″ to 1/8″ Cable > USB Sound Card > Computer.
  3. XLR to 1/8″ Cable > USB Sound Card > Computer.
  4. XLR to USB Cable > Computer.
  5. USB Audio Mixer > Computer.
  6. USB Audio Interface > Computer.

Where does the name Mackie come from?

Origins. The clan-name Mackie is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic MacAoidh. ‘”. The Gaelic personal name Aoidh is an old one and means “fire”.

Are Mackie Profx mixers any good?

Budget Friendly The ProFX Series Compact Effects Mixers strike the perfect balance. They offer all the right tools to get the job done well, sport the popular compact footprint that Mackie is known for, and are also the most budget-friendly of all the Mackie sound reinforcement mixers.

Is the Mackie profx12 built like a tank?

Legendary Mackie Durability Mackie is known for building mixers that are “Built-Like-A-Tank,” and the ProFX12 is no exception. All of its tender bits are securely encased in a solid steel chassis.

What is the USB thru switch on the profx12 for?

Not only that, the innovative “USB Thru” switch allows for an impressive live/recording setup when using performance software like Ableton Live or Reason. When gigging, stream the output of your performance software (or iTunes, for that matter) into the ProFX12.

What makes the Mackie MIC so good?

Mackie low-noise, high-headroom mic preamps ensure pristine signal while LED metering and 60mm faders on each channel keep levels in check. Sweeten the mix using the 3-band active EQ and integrated RMFX 32-bit processor, which offers an arsenal of 16 “Gig-Ready” effects.