Who owns g Schirmer?

Who owns g Schirmer?

G. Schirmer Inc., the American classical-music publisher, has been sold by Macmillan Inc., which has owned the 125-year-old company since 1969, to the Music Sales Corporation, a heretofore largely educational music publisher based in London, Macmillan and Music Sales have announced.

Is Schirmer a good music publisher?

Schirmer are of the pre-non-interventionist approach, hence why the company has a bad reputation and their musical text is unfaithful. Their printing quality is also sub-standard, but their books open up very well (apart from Kirkpatrick’s Scarlatti Edition).

Is G Schirmer a publisher?

Schirmer, Inc. is an American classical music publishing company based in New York City, founded in 1861.

Is Schirmer edition good?

More recent Schirmer editions are either excellent highly-edited books (like Tony Newman’s edition of the Well-tempered Clavier) or very good “urtext” editions (like their Scriabin). Some excellent XX and XXI century music is only available from Schirmer, like the Corigliano concerto and the two fantasias.

Is Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics good?

– I’d not recommend Schirmer in the first place. The print quality is terrible, the engraving (the way the music looks when printed) is quite poor, and the scores are often from very old sources and not very correct.

Are Peters editions good?

It depends. The older Peters editions can vary in quality, but the new ones (like the new Chopin edition) are very good. I own a few Edition Peters, and I like them for he most part as far as readability.

Is Henle good for Debussy?

Henle has a recent complete edition of Debussy’s piano works available. Growing up, I never really saw or heard of people using Henle editions for French composers. But having used them myself, I can tell you they are really really great.

How difficult is reverie by Debussy?

Very wistful and atmospheric. It is actually surprisingly easy to play once you can sort out all those flats and accidentals! (It has six flats in the key signature!). Reverie – Hauntingly beautiful melody, the main difficulty are a few sections with three against two.

What is Debussy easiest piece?

Children’s Corner
Children’s Corner (1906-1908) is Debussy’s easiest collection, suitable for early advanced players. Even though it’s called Children’s Corner, these pieces aren’t meant for children – rather, they’re meant to invoke the vibe of childhood.

What is a Schirmer?

A Schirmer cover page of several of Bériot’s works. G. Schirmer, Inc. is an American classical music publishing company based in New York City, founded in 1861.

Who owns Schirmer and AMP?

Wise Music Group then acquired both Schirmer and AMP from Macmillan in 1986 taking the imprint to new heights with the Hal Leonard Corporation acting as sole print distributor.

What is Schirmer’s Library of musical classics?

The next year it inaugurated the Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics. The Musical Quarterly, the oldest academic journal on music in the U.S., was founded by Schirmer in 1915 together with musicologist Oscar Sonneck, who edited the journal until his death in 1928.

Who are the composers in the Schirmer/AMP catalog?

The Schirmer/AMP catalog includes composers such as John Corigliano, Richard Danielpour, Avner Dorman, Gabriela Lena Frank, John Harbison, Aaron Jay Kernis, Leon Kirchner, Peter Lieberson, André Previn, Bright Sheng, Tan Dun, Augusto Brandt, Du Yun, Robert Xavier Rodriguez, and Joan Tower .