Who owns CIC Kenya?

Who owns CIC Kenya?

CIC Insurance Group Limited, commonly referred to as CIC Group, is an insurance and investment group that operates mainly in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Malawi. CIC Group has a network of branches and operational subsidiaries spread across the 4 countries….CIC Insurance Group.

Type Public company KN: CIC
Website cic.co.ke

How old is CIC?

The Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC, “Industrial and Commercial Credit Company”) is a bank and financial services group in France, founded in 1859. It has been majority owned by Crédit Mutuel, one of the country’s top five banking groups, since 1998, and fully owned since 2017.

When was CIC started?

Founded in 1968 and formerly known as The Co-Operative Insurance Company of Kenya, the company changed its name to CIC Insurance Group in 2010. Its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

Which is the best money market fund in Kenya?

What are the Best Money Market Funds in Kenya?

  1. Zimele Money Market Fund. The Zimele fund is flexible, convenient, and allows you to save according to your choice.
  2. Sanlam Money Market Fund.
  3. CIC Money Market Fund.
  4. Cytonn Money Market Fund.
  5. Britam Money Market Fund in Kenya.
  6. CBA Group Money Market Fund in Kenya.

Which is the best money market fund in Kenya 2021?

How do I deposit money from my mpesa to my CIC account?

To complete the payment via Mpesa, Go to Mpesa Menu. Select Paybill Option. Enter Business N0: 600112.

Who is the CEO of CIC?

Patrick Nyaga
CIC in June last year tapped Co-operative Bank group finance and strategy director Patrick Nyaga as the new CEO.

Is CIC a bank?

How much profit can a CIC make?

Profit Expectations Under this cap, the maximum amount of dividends that a CIC can pay out is 35 percent of its distributable profits. If the CIC doesn’t use up its entire dividend capacity in a given financial year, it’s possible to carry the unused capacity forward for up to five years subsequently.

What tax does a CIC pay?

corporation tax
CICs are taxed in the same way as normal companies. They are subject to corporation tax and VAT and a CIC that makes donations to charity can deduct this as a charge when calculating its profit for corporation tax purposes.

What investment has the highest return in Kenya?

Best Investment Opportunities in Kenya

  • Real Estate. One of the best investments in Kenya is real estate.
  • Agriculture.
  • e-Sports and Gaming.
  • Virtual Education.
  • Stock Markets.
  • Gold, Precious Stones, and Metals.
  • Urban Logistic and Transport.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Storage.

What is CIC wealth fund?

CIC Wealth Fund is a low to moderate risk fund which invests in diversified high-yielding interest-bearing instruments. This fund is more aggressive than the money market fund. The objective is to attain an enhanced level of return. The Fund manager uses a robust risk management framework to preserve invested capital.

How long does it take to register a CIC?

Form a community interest company ( CIC ) by post: Postal applications can take up to 15 working days and cost £35 (paid by cheque or postal order made out to ‘Companies House’). Use the forms below to register a CIC by post.

How do I register online with CIC?

Set up a CIC online Register your CIC online with Companies House. It costs £27. You’ll need to create a Government Gateway user ID and password for your company. You cannot use your personal Government Gateway ID.