Who made Sea King outboard motors?

Who made Sea King outboard motors?

Sea King was Montgomery Ward’s brand of outboard motors and were put on sale beginning in 1933. Over the years, they were supplied by several outboard manufacturers including OMC (Evinrude and Gale), Thor ⇒ Kiekhaefer Mercury, Clinton, Eska and Chrysler ⇒ Force. See a complete list below under models.

How does a outboard gearbox work?

How It Works: The gearcase takes the vertical rotational power from the driveshaft and converts it to horizontal rotational power along the prop shaft and to the propeller. The gearbox also dictates which direction the prop shaft and propeller rotate in. The drive shaft enters the gearbox and ends at a pinion gear.

Who made Sears outboard motors?

History. Most of the Sears Gamefisher outboard motors sold by Sears & Roebuck were actually manufactured by Tanaka Power Equipment, a company based in Japan. Other companies manufactured models to be sold under the Gamefisher brand as well. These companies included Eska, Mercury Marine and Johnson.

Where are Mercury outboards manufactured?

Fond du Lac Wisconsin
Mercury Marine is a marine engine division of Brunswick Corporation. Its main product is built in a manufacturing plant located in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, which is also the world corporate headquarters. They primarily design manufacture and produce marine specific motors, the largest sector being outboard engines.

Where should water come out on an outboard motor?

On many outboards, you can simply put on the muffs and start the engine. You should see a steady stream of water coming out of the holes on the top of the engine. However, some brands do pump out a stream, but it might not look steady. While this can be alarming, it is perfectly normal for those models.

What is little hole next to top drain plug on lower unit of boat motor?

Probably a drain hole for the area around the water pump (outside of the water pump). Lets water drain out of the area on top of the lower unit when the boats out of the water to prevent freeze damage. If you have gear lube leaking from that, you have a leaking drive shaft or shift shaft seal.

Does an outboard prop spin in neutral?

some prop spin in neutral is normal, as long as it is just going slowly, gear not going into neutral may be an adjustment or a repair.

What year is my Elgin outboard motor?

Look at the motor’s product name: if the motor is an “Elgin,” it was built between 1946 and 1960 by West Bend. If the motor is identified as an “Eldin,” “Sears” or “Ted Williams,” it’s model number prefix is 574, and it was built by McCulloch between 1959 and 1968.

Do all outboards have a pee hole?

Most outboard motors are equipped with a cooling system using outside water. Outside water is circulated through cooling passages before leaving through the motor’s “pee hole”. You’ve seen it! It looks like the motor is taking a whizz everywhere it goes.

How much horsepower does a Sea King outboard motor have?

Sea King 9.6hp-15hp Outboard Motor Complete Workshop Service Repair Manual 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984

Are SeaKing motors made by Ward’s?

An apparently unrelated company is now selling new 2 & 4 Stroke Cycle outboard motors from 2.5 hp up to 15 hp under the SeaKing (one word) brand name, however they reference Sea King (two words) several times on their website, implying that their pedigree comes from Ward’s. From SeaKingMotors.com. From Wikipedia.

What companies still make Sea King boats?

Over the years, they were supplied by several outboard manufacturers including OMC (Evinrude and Gale), Thor ⇒ Kiekhaefer Mercury, Clinton, Eska and Chrysler/Force. See a complete list below under models. Montgomery Ward discontinued Sea King sales in 1986.

What kind of motor does a Gale Outboard have?

FROM Itstippy: This is a 1948 5HP Gale outboard motor model 2W7. It was made by Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC), the parent company of Evinrude and Johnson outboards. It uses many (but not all) Johnson and Evinrude parts.