Who is Vikram Bhatt wife?

Who is Vikram Bhatt wife?

Aditi BhattVikram Bhatt / Wife (m.?–1998)

Who is Vikram Bhatt first wife?

Aditi Bhatt
Personal life. Bhatt was married to his childhood sweetheart, Aditi Bhatt (div. 1998), and they have a daughter, Krishna Bhatt. Bhatt shares a great bond with his daughter and she has been assisting him on his sets.

Is Vikram Bhatt related to Alia Bhatt?

Later, Vikram Bhatt worked under Mahesh Bhatt, for approximately two years. However, the two have only professional relational and no personal or blood relations. This proves that Alia Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt are in fact, not related to each other.

What is the age of Vikram Bhatt?

53 years (January 27, 1969)Vikram Bhatt / Age

Who is the owner of Enrich Salon?

Vikram Bhatt – Founder
Vikram Bhatt – Founder – Enrich Salon | LinkedIn.

Who is Shwetambri Soni?

Shwetambari Soni is an Indian art connoisseur and founder of Trinity Art Impact. She is known for being the wife of Indian film director Vikram Bhatt who is popular for directing the horror film series ‘Raaz. ‘

Who is Shwetambari Soni?

Is VB on the Web free?

VB On The Web App | Special Offer | Absolutely Free | A Web Original By Vikram Bhatt – YouTube.

Are Alia and Emraan cousins?

Emraan Hashmi is Alia’s second cousin. Alia’s paternal grandmother Shirin and Emraan’s maternal grandmother Meherbano Mohammad Ali are sisters.

Who is the director of Vikram movie?

Lokesh KanagarajVikram / Director

How many enrich salons are there in India?

We are one of the leading salon chains in India with over 83 salons across six cities – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, and Bengaluru.

When was enrich founded?

During these years, I managed and Lead Business Finance team for India Delivery Centre and APAC centres. I sailed in two boats for the large part of my professional journey and finally opted to focus full time with Enrich in May 2011.

Is Vikram Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt related?

Ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt confirmed that his nephew Vikram Bhatt tied the knot with Shwetambari Soni in September last year, during the lockdown. Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt declared his love for Shwetambari Soni on Instagram on Wednesday.

Where can I watch season 2 of HADH?

Watch SonyLIV Original Hadh Web Series Online on SonyLIV.

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Who is Alia sister?

Pooja BhattShaheen Bhatt
Alia Bhatt/Sisters
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 24 (ANI): Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, who is very close with her sister Shaheen Bhatt and often spends quality time with her, shared an appreciation post for her sibling on Thursday.