Who is the son of Aravinda de Silva?

Who is the son of Aravinda de Silva?

Dhananjaya de Silva

Personal information
Full name Dhananjaya Maduranga de Silva
Born 6 September 1991 Hambantota, Sri Lanka
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Batting Right-handed

What is the age of Arjuna Ranatunga?

58 years (December 1, 1963)Arjuna Ranatunga / Age

Is Farveez Maharoof Tamil?

Mohamed Farveez Maharoof (Tamil: பர்வீஸ் மஹூஹ்ஃப்: born 7 September 1984), or Farveez Maharoof, is a professional Sri Lankan cricketer, who played in Tests and ODIs….Farveez Maharoof.

Personal information
Batting Right-handed
Bowling Right-arm fast-medium
Role All-rounder
International information

Is Dhananjaya de Silva married?

Sanduni NisansalaDhananjaya de Silva / Spouse (m. 2018)

How old is Dhananjaya de Silva?

30 years (September 6, 1991)Dhananjaya de Silva / Age

Why is Aravinda de Silva called Mad Max?

In early part of his career, de Silva was inconsistent and often got out to rash shots. He was given the nickname Mad Max and the name stuck.

What does De Silva mean?

De Silva means “from Silva”. The family name Silva, which means “wood/forest” in Spanish, is linked to several localities in Spain and Portugal named Silva. The variant Da Silva is recorded in 16th century Peru.

What is the achievement of Radhika Coomaraswamy?

Radhika Coomaraswamy was a former Under Secretary General and The Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict. She was the lead author of the Global Study on the Implementation of Resolution 1325 published in 2015 and was the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women from 1994-2003.

Is Angelo Mathews Tamil?

Personal life. Mathews was born in Colombo, to Tamil father Tyronne Mathews and Burgher mother Monica Mathews.

Why is Sri Lanka famous for?

Sri Lanka is well known for its rich Buddhist culture as well as other religions. Being a religious country, Sri Lanka has many places with religious and historic significance, which attract tourists from all over the world.

What nationality is de Silva?

Due to emigration from Portuguese-speaking countries, Silva (and the variants Da Silva and De Silva) is the fifth most common surname in the French department of Val-de-Marne, outside Paris, and it was the 19th most common family name given to newborns between 1966 and 1990 in France.

What nationality is da Silva?

Joshua Da Silva (born 19 June 1998) is a Trinidadian cricketer….Joshua Da Silva.

Personal information
National side West Indies (2020–present)
Test debut (cap 321) 11 December 2020 v New Zealand
Last Test 24 June 2022 v Bangladesh

Who is Arjuna Ranatunga’s brother?

He is the eldest brother of former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga, Sanjeeva Ranatunga, Nishantha Ranatunga, Prasanna Ranatunga and Ruwan Ranatunga This biographical article related to a Sri Lankan cricket person born in the 1960s is a stub.

What is Arjuna Ranatunga’s opinion on Sri Lanka Cricket?

Arjuna Ranatunga has been a vocal critic of Sri Lanka Cricket administrators over the years especially after 2015 where Sri Lanka national cricket has suffered the worst decline at international cricket.

Who is Prasanna Ranatunga?

Prasanna Ranatunga is a Sri Lankan politician, member of parliament and current minister of tourism. He was the 7th Chief Minister of Western Province, Sri Lanka . He belongs to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna and part of the Sri Lanka People’s Freedom Alliance.

What is the net worth of Arjuna Ranatunga?

Regarding his physical appearance, Arjuna stands five feet and eight inches tall and weighs 75 kg. Arjuna Ranatunga has an estimated net worth of more than $1 Million. He has earned most of his net worth through his cricketing career and serving as a minister in the Sri Lankan government for more than five years.