Who is the sixth in Mirai Nikki?

Who is the sixth in Mirai Nikki?

Tsubaki Kasugano
Tsubaki Kasugano (春日野 椿, Kasugano Tsubaki) is the Sixth diary owner. Tsubaki is the High Priestess and Oracle of the Omekata Religion. Her followers know her as the “Sacred Eye” because of her supposed powers of clairvoyance, although this was a lie until she gained her Future Diary, the “Clairvoyance Diary”.

How many Mirai Nikki are there?

Future Diary

未来日記 (Mirai Nikki)
Demographic Shōnen
Original run January 26, 2006 – December 25, 2010
Volumes 12

Is Future Diary anime completed?

The series ends there, but way later an episode was released to explain what happened. The Yuno that visits Yukitersu is actually the third world Yuno. The first world Yuno’s memories and consciousness were given to her by the first world Muru Muru, and so she sought Yukiteru out to help him with his godhood.

Who is 9th in future diary?

Minene Uryuu
Minene Uryuu (雨流 みねね, Uryū Minene) is the Ninth Diary Holder and possesses the “Escape Diary”. She is also the main protagonist of the spin-off Future Diary: Mosaic, which focuses on Minene before and after she gains her Future Diary.

Will Mirai Nikki have season 2?

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date Netflix has already announced the show’s return. The second season hit Netflix on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Each episode will have around 30 minutes run.

What are the 12 Future Diaries?

The twelve Future Diaries. A Future Diary is the namesake device of the Future Diary series. Developed for the participants of the battle royale set by Deus Ex Machina, it is a communication tool (usually a cell phone) that can predict the future in a way that reflects its user.

Who is 8th in Future Diary?

Kamado Ueshita
Kamado Ueshita (上下 かまど, Ueshita Kamado) is the Eighth diary owner. A large, rather unconventional-looking woman, Kamado runs the “Mother’s Village” orphanage in Sakurami City. She has raised orphans for at least fourteen years, including Marco Ikusaba, Ai Mikami and Orin Miyashiro.