Who is the regional director of DSWD Region 10?

Who is the regional director of DSWD Region 10?

Director Mari-Flor Dollaga
“We are very grateful to our partner agencies DILG, DND, especially DSWD 10, through Director Mari-Flor Dollaga who quickly responded to the needs of the people affected by the previous ECQ…”

Who is the current regional director of DSWD FO VI?

Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre
Directory of Field Offices (FOs) Officials

FO V Leo L. Quintilla Regional Director
FO VI Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre Regional Director
FO VII Shalaine Marie S. Lucero Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Regional Director
FO VIII Grace Q. Subong Regional Director

How do I email a DSWD?

(https://www.dswd.gov.ph/feedback/), email [email protected], or call (632) 931-8101 to 07.

What is the organizational structure of DSWD?

It shall be headed by the Undersecretary Secretary for Disaster Response Management, assisted by the Assistant Secretary for Disaster Response Management, and shall include the Disaster Response Management Bureau (DRMB) and the National Resource and Logistics Management Bureau (Nrlmb).

Who is the regional director of DSWD Region 7?

Rebecca P. Geamala
DSWD-7 Regional Director Rebecca P. Geamala and Assistant Regional Director Shalaine Marie S.

Who is the DSWD regional director of Region 5?

Leo L. Quintilla
Leo L. Quintilla sits as the New Regional Director for DSWD BicolPublished by Marygizelle Mesa on April 26, 2021 FO5 Welcomes a New Leader During the Regional celebration of the 70th Founding Anniversary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) held last March 26, 2021, Fiel…

Who is the SLP regional program coordinator of DSWD fo7?

Mary Ann Masculino
Mary Ann Masculino, DSWD regional program coordinator for the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP), said on Thursday that the LAG was developed when the Bayanihan Act I was enacted and is one of the social amelioration program (SAP) interventions of the department.

What is the contact person of DSWD?

DSWD, this time, set up text a hotline with the number 0918-912-2813 and an e-mail address, sapgrievance[email protected], so the public can easily reach out to the agency.

Who can I contact in DSWD?

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has set up its new text hotline, 0918-912-2813, and the e-mail address, [email protected], to ensure that the snowballing public concerns on the implementation of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) will be heard and fully addressed.

How do I file a 8888 complaint?

  1. TEXT US. ×
  2. Contact our Landline. File a complaint or request using your Mobile or Landline, just dial 8888. For new complaint or request, press 1. For follup up status, press 2. ×
  3. Status Inquiry through SMS. Inquire your complaint status through SMS by texting: STATUS < space > [Ticket reference no.] and send it to 8888. ×

Is DSWD a government agency?

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the primary government agency mandated to develop, implement and coordinate social protection and poverty-reduction solutions for and with the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

What is the role of Secretary of Social Welfare and Development?

1. Establish performance measures to monitor and evaluate social welfare and development program performance and impact on cases covered by supervision. 2. Improve worker/agency performance by providing or accessing to technical support to recipient of supervision.

Who is Virginia orogo?

Duterte appointed former Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Acting Secretary Virginia Orogo as undersecretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

What is Listahanan program?

Listahanan is an information management system that aims to establish a database of poor households that will serve as a basis of the Department in the identification of beneficiaries on its different social protection programs and services.

How do I follow up DSWD sap?

The public may ask questions and provide feedback through the following active DSWD hotline numbers, 24/7: For text only – 0918-912-2813; For call only – 0947-482-2864, 0916-247-1194, 0932-933-3251. It also has a landline number, 8931-81-01 to 07 local 555.

Is DSWD a social welfare agency?

The Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development is the executive department of the Philippine Government responsible for the protection of the social welfare rights of Filipinos and to promote social development.

Can we send a text message to 8888?

Citizens can now simply text 8888 from both Globe and Smart and their affiliate telcos and raise their concerns, complaints and grievances on graft and corrupt practices by government officials and employees and slow and inefficient delivery of government services and requests for government assistance — free of charge …