Who is the professor in the Unova region?

Who is the professor in the Unova region?

Professor Aurea Juniper
Professor Aurea Juniper (Japanese: アララギ博士 Dr. Araragi) is the resident Pokémon Professor of Nuvema Town in the Unova region. She specializes in the origins of Pokémon.

What does Professor Sycamore study?

Professor Augustine Sycamore, from the Kalos region. His specialty is the study of the new type of evolution: Mega Evolution. Professor Kukui, from the Alola region. His specialty is the study of Pokémon moves and will sometimes get himself hit to study the moves.

Who is the oldest Pokemon Professor?

Although we don’t have concrete ages for most of the cast, Professor Rowan is explicitly stated to be at least sixty years old, making him the oldest of the Pokémon Professors.

What is the name of this famous fictional professor from the world of Pokemon?

Core series

Kanto Johto Sinnoh
Professor Oak Professor Elm Professor Rowan
Pokémon and human relationships Pokémon breeding Pokémon Evolution and form changes
Alola Galar Hisui

What does professor Cerise study?

Professor Cerise is a calm but friendly person. He is very knowledgeable about Pokémon, being deemed a genius since he was young. He is also exceptionally enthusiastic when it comes to studying Pokémon. Sometimes, he gets so carried away that it embarrasses his daughter, prompting her to rein him in.

Why are all of the Pokémon Professors named after trees?

Across cultures, trees are symbols of wisdom and continuity, as well as objects of veneration, from the Baobab to the ash Yggdrasil and even the Biblical Tree of Life. In Pokémon, the symbolic significance of the tree inspiring each Professor’s name sheds light on that series’ themes and conflicts.

Why is Professor mirror not a tree?

But unlike all other Professors, this one is not named after a tree. While there’s no official explanation on why his name is Mirror, it can be inferred that it is because a camera has a mirror lens and it is more appropriate than a tree name.

Who is the youngest Pokémon professor?

1 Professor Sonia – The History of Galar Taking the reigns from her grandmothe4r, Sonia is the youngest of the mainline Professors. Though she has just as much, if not more, to offer in terms of her contributions to Pokemon’s academic world.

How old is Sycamore Pokémon?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

Professor Sycamore プラターヌ博士 Dr. Plantane
Age: 30+
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kalos
Advanced Information

Is Professor Cerise part of Team Rocket?

In JN106, Professor Cerise became a fan of Team Rocket’s radio show, along with Ren. He quickly became an avid listener and managed to receive multiple badges for his participation.

How old is Chloe from Pokémon?


Chloe コハル Koharu
Chloe in Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Age 10
Gender Female
Eye color Green

Who is Alain girlfriend in Pokemon?

Mairin is a Pokémon trainer and companion of Alain. She began her journey after receiving her Chespin, and soon discovered the Pokémon Trainer Alain while observing his battle against a Mega Absol.