Who is the little girl on the Violent Femmes album cover?

Who is the little girl on the Violent Femmes album cover?

Billie Jo Campbell
Cover. The cover model is Billie Jo Campbell, a three-year-old girl who was walking down a Los Angeles street when she and her mother were approached and offered $100 for the photograph that became the album cover.

What Violent Femmes album is Blister in the Sun on?

Violent FemmesBlister in the Sun / Album
“Blister in the Sun” is a song by American rock band Violent Femmes, originally released on their 1983 self-titled debut album.

Who were the Violent Femmes?

Gordon GanoGuitarBrian RitchieBass guitarVictor DeLorenzoDrum KitBlaise GarzaBrian ViglioneDrum KitGuy HoffmanDrum Kit
Violent Femmes/Members

What genre is Violent Femmes?

Alternative/IndieViolent Femmes / Genre

What’s the meaning of Blister in the Sun?

And so a “blister in the sun” is simply a general insult that refers to a festering sore.

Was Blister in the Sun in a movie?

Grosse Pointe BlankBlister in the Sun / Movie

What do Blister in the Sun lyrics meaning?

Gano is coy in discussing the song, but he has explained that it’s about the strung out feeling that comes from drug abuse. The girlfriend is at her wit’s end because he keeps staining the sheets, as he lacks sexual control.

What happened to Harley Poe?

In 2015, Joe Whiteford announced on his blog that Harley Poe would be going on “indefinite hiatus,” citing a need to “give this demon some time off.” Whiteford marked the hiatus of Harley Poe by releasing the album “Fallen Down,” a collection of recordings done almost entirely on Whiteford’s phone.

What happened to Violent Femmes?

Some controversy over the licensing of the band’s songs for commercial use led to an official break-up in 2009, though they re-formed in 2013 (shortly before DeLorenzo left Violent Femmes again), and have since released two more studio albums of new material: We Can Do Anything (2016) and Hotel Last Resort (2019).

Who played the 88 in how I met your mother?

The 88 is a real life music band, that appears in How I Met Your Mother in season 1 episode Best Prom Ever. Band members are Adam Merrin, Todd O’Keefe, Keith Slettedahl, Anthony Zimmitti. The band’s original music has been featured in the series numerous times.

What is the meaning of Violent Femmes?

The band’s name was an impromptu idea. Ritchie came up with the title when a friend asked him to describe his straight-laced insurance salesman brother. Ritchie lied and said, “He’s exactly like me, he’s a punk and he has his own band!” When asked what the band’s name was, Ritchie uttered “Uh….

What is the meaning behind Blister in the Sun?

What movie is gone daddy gone in?

I, TonyaGone Daddy Gone / Movie

What does Big hands mean in Blister in the Sun?

The line, “Big hands I know you’re the one” is in the song because Gano has small hands. In the song, he’s in a self-loathing state where he knows the girl is just going to take up with some big-handed guy. In 2007, this was used in commercials for the fast food purveyor Wendy’s.

Is Harley Poe still making music?

Harley Poe released a new album, ‘Uke Puke’ in August 2021.

Where is Harley Poe from?

Kokomo, Indiana
Christian band turned to monster themed enthusiasts, Harley Poe is a horror folk/punk band straight out of Kokomo, Indiana.

Who sang all by myself in how I met your mother?

All by ourselves performed by Hayley Taylor and Keith Slettedahl of the 88 played in How I met your mother season 5. Original song is “All by myself” from Celine Dion.

Are the 88 still together?

The 88 is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles, California….

The 88
Years active 2002–2016
Labels Island Records, 88 Records
Members Adam Merrin Todd O’Keefe Keith Slettedahl Anthony Zimmitti

Who sang gone daddy gone first?

Violent Femmes
“Gone Daddy Gone” is a song written by Gordon Gano and originally recorded by his group Violent Femmes as the debut single for their 1983 eponymous debut album….Gone Daddy Gone.

“Who Cares?” / “Gone Daddy Gone”
Single by Gnarls Barkley
Label Warner Music
Songwriter(s) Gordon Gano, Willie Dixon
Producer(s) Danger Mouse

Who originally wrote gone daddy gone?

Gordon GanoWillie Dixon
Gone Daddy Gone/Lyricists

What year did Violent Femmes come out?

Violent Femmes is the debut album by Violent Femmes. Mostly recorded in July 1982, the album was released by Slash Records on vinyl and on cassette in April 13, 1983, and on CD in 1987 with two extra tracks “Ugly” and “Gimme the Car”.

What are the Violent Femmes most famous songs?

Featuring many of their well-known songs, including ” Blister in the Sun “, “Kiss Off”, ” Add It Up ” and ” Gone Daddy Gone “, Violent Femmes became the band’s biggest-selling album and was eventually certified platinum by the RIAA.

Who are the Violent Femmes’biggest selling records?

Guy Hoffman, formerly of the Oil Tasters and BoDeans, was brought in to tour what was to become one of the Violent Femmes’ biggest-selling records, the Add It Up (1981–1993) collection.

Who are the current Violent Femmes members?

Past members. Violent Femmes is an American folk punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, initially active from 1980 to 2009. The band has since been active again from 2013. The band consists of singer, guitarist and songwriter Gordon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie and current drummer John Sparrow.