Who is the leader in Year of Wonders?

Who is the leader in Year of Wonders?

Michael Mompellion When the plague arrives, the local gentry (the Bradfords) flee and due to his charisma and position in the Church, he becomes the town’s unofficial leader. Mompellion persuades the townspeople to go into self-imposed quarantine to prevent the spread of the plague.

Who is the narrator of Year of Wonders?

Anna Frith
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks is narrated by Anna Frith, a shepherdess who also spent a few hours daily as a servant in the rectory. The rector of the church, Michael Mompellion, convinces the villagers to quarantine themselves within the village so the plague will not spread to nearby towns.

Why did Geraldine Brooks Write Year of Wonders?

About the Book As she struggles to survive and grow, a year of catastrophe becomes instead annus mirabilis, a “year of wonders.” Inspired by the true story of Eyam, a village in the rugged hill country of England, Year of Wonders is a richly detailed evocation of a singular moment in history.

Who is Michael Mompellion?

Michael Mompellion is Eyam’s vicar, an Anglican preacher who was appointed to the position after Charles II returned to England and ousted the Puritan clergy.

How old is Anna in year of wonders?

age 18
Anna Frith, the protagonist of the novel, is employed as a young housemaid at the Rector’s house. Widowed with two young sons at age 18, she witnesses first-hand the trauma of the plague, as her house-guest, children and neighbours all sicken and die.

Who is Jane Martin in Year of Wonders?

Jane is a local girl Anna hires to watch her sons while she’s at work. She’s notable for adhering to Puritan customs even after the town has officially reverted to Anglicanism, showing the tensions that lurk under the town’s supposed religious homogeneity.

What happened Elinor Mompellion?

As a young woman, she eloped with an older man named Charles. They had premarital sex, Elinor got pregnant, and Charles bailed on her, leaving her so stricken with grief and shame that she “violated [her] own body with a fire iron” (2.9. 69), effectively aborting the child.

What does Michael Mompellion do?