Who is the CEO of Thenx?

Who is the CEO of Thenx?

Chris Heria, founder and CEO of ThenX fitness | Calisthenics, Team exercises, Fitness instructor.

What is Chris heria known for?

Chris is a self-trained fitness trainer and also a member of the famous workout team BarStarzz. The tattooed 30year old has a ten-year-old son, Zen. He won Fitness and Wellness Influencer Awards Monaco in 2019. Chris works as a trainer for pro bar athletes and trains many people.

Is Chris heria calisthenics?

Calisthenics athlete Chris Heria regularly shares exercise tips on his YouTube channel, demonstrating how he uses bodyweight training to shred his physique.

Is Chris heria Korean?

Chris Heria was born in Miami, Florida, and had not exposed his ethnicity but his Family name, Heria, mostly founded in the Philippines. So, He must be of Filipino descent. Some people are confused they thought he is a Korean but He’s Not a Korean man.

Where is Chris heria gym?

At only 29, Chris Heria has made a name for himself in the fitness industry by opening his gym in Miami, Florida called Calisthenics Academy and sharing his expertise worldwide on his youtube channels, ThenX and Chris Heria.

Who started Thenx?

Chris Heria is the Founder/CEO of @THENX where he trains and coaches in all things calisthenics.

Who was the first person to do calisthenics?

The exercises arose in the early 19th century from the work of Germans Friedrich Ludwig Jahn and Adolf Spiess in popularizing gymnastics and were especially stressed by Per Henrik Ling of Sweden as important in the development of education for women.

How many hours does Chris Heria workout?

Workout Principles Chris Heria normally works out for 6 days a week for 2-3 hours. Heria likes to focus on a lot of stretch and cardio.

How long has Chris heria been doing calisthenics?

I’ve been using a weight vest since I first started my calisthenics journey back in 2011.

What is Chris heria hairstyle?

It’s a pixie cut.

Is Chris Heria Korean?

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Who is the father of calisthenics?

Who is the best calisthenics athlete in the world?

KRIS KARLSSON. Kris Karlsson. is the man behind Calisthenics & Weight Training. With 15 years of fitness experience under his belt, Karl sets out to spread love and dedication for exercise.

Who is the founder of calisthenics?