Who is the Bargarh SP?

Who is the Bargarh SP?

Shri Parmar Smit Parshottamdas
District Administration

Name Designation
Shri Parmar Smit Parshottamdas,IPS Superintendent Of police
Sri Mirdha Toppo,OAS(SAG) Additional District Magistrate,Bargarh
Shri Nabin Kumar Patel,OAS (SAG) Additional District Magistrate,Bargarh
Sri Krutibas Rout,OAS(SAG) CDO-Cum-Executive Officer

Who is the collector of Bargarh in 2021?

Ms. Monisha Banerjee

Sl No Name of Collector From date
29 Ms. Monisha Banerjee, IAS 01-07-2021
28 Sri Jyoti Ranjan Pradhan,OAS(SAG) 25-08-2019
27 Sri Indramani Tripathy ,OAS(SAG) 07-03-2018
26 Sri Judhisthira Nayak ,OAS( SAG ) Incharge 01-03-2018

Who is the Cdmo of Bargarh?

Dr. Jagdish Kumar Mohananda
Chief District Medical Officer, Bargarh

Sl. Name Address
1 Dr. Jagdish Kumar Mohananda O/o C.D.M.O. Bargarh
2 Dr. Ghanshyam Nnath O/o C.D.M.O. Bargarh
3 Dr. Bhima sahu O/o C.D.M.O. Bargarh
4 Dr.Kodand Rao O/o C.D.M.O. Bargarh

How many sub divisions are in Bargarh?

two subdivisions
The district has been divided into two subdivisions, namely, Bargarh and Padmapur and each sub-division is in charge of a Sub-Collector who looks after the general administration, maintenance of law and order and implementation of developmental programmes.

Which district is bargarh?

ABOUT DISTRICT Bargarh is a district on the Western border of Orissa. Prior to 1992, it was a subdivision of Sambalpur district. Bargarh District formed on the 1st April 1993 being devided from Sambalpur District.It is one of the illustrious District of Odisha.

How many villages are in Bargarh?

Village & Panchayats

Name of the Block Nos of Panchayats Nos of Villages
Attabira 24 97
Bargarh 27 67
Barpali 23 57
Bhatli 16 84

Who is the SP of Jharsuguda?

Jharsuguda District.

Superintendent of Police Rahul Jain, IPS.
Telephone No. 06645-270808 (Office)
FAX 06645-270888 (Fax)
E-mail ID [email protected]
Emergency Contact (DIB) 06645-272566

How many wards are in Bargarh?

Consequent upon expiry of the term of last elected council the Bargarh Municipality has been divided into 19 (Ninteen) nos. of wards vide notification no. 141/G & M dt. 15.02.

How many districts are in Bargarh PHC?

Health Institutions of Bargarh District

Infrastructure Total
No.of Blocks 12
No of Sub-Divisional Hospital 01
No. of CHC 14
No. of PHC (New)( Single Doctor) 48

How is bargarh?

Bargarh is a city and municipality in Bargarh district in the state of Odisha in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Bargarh District….

• Total 20.80 km2 (8.03 sq mi)
• Rank 13 (in odisha)
Elevation 171 m (561 ft)
Population (2011) 80,625

What is the population of Bargarh?

Bargarh is Tehsil in Odisha state, Bargarh Tehsil population in 2022 is 210,088.

Who is the SP of Cuttack?

Shri Jugal Kishor Kumar Banoth
Cuttack District.

Superintendent of Police, Shri Jugal Kishor Kumar Banoth,IPS. Junior Administrative Grade.
Telephone No. 0671-2368116 (Office)
FAX 0671-2368301
E-mail ID [email protected]
Emergency Contact (DIB) 0671-2368301 94389-16426 (CUG)

Who is the DM of Bhubaneswar?

Shri K Sudarshan Chakravarthy IAS
District Officials

Name Designation Phone
Shri K Sudarshan Chakravarthy IAS Collector & DM 06755220001
Shri Siddharth Kataria, IPS Superintendent of Police 06755220535
Manoj Kumar Padhy (OAS) ADM,Khordha 06755221755
Praful Ku. Swain (OAS) ADM,Bhubaneswar 0674-2393440

Who is the Cdmo of Cuttack?

Dr. Manorama Dei
Web Directory

Sl. District Name of the CDMO/ CMO
4 Bhadrak Dr. Pratap Keshari Behuria
5 Bolangir Dr. Purna Chandra Sahoo
6 Boudh Dr. Batakrushna Sethi
7 Cuttack Dr. Manorama Dei 9439990009

What is the pin code of Bargarh?

Bargarh/Zip codes