Who is Sulla Skyrim?

Who is Sulla Skyrim?

Sulla Trebatius is a hostile Imperial spellsword located inside Alftand ruins. He was leading a group of adventurers into the ruin, hoping to be the first one to unearth its hidden treasures. You can learn of their fates by finding various remains and journals spread throughout Alftand.

How do you get inside Alftand?

There is an entrance to the northwest of the Alftand map marker (approach from the northwest, i.e. from Frostflow Lighthouse) that enters near the top, and an entrance in an icy crevice just to the east of the upper entrance that enters at the bottom.

Where is Elder Scroll in Alftand?

Open the gate to allow later entry from the Great Lift of Alftand. Follow the quest marker to the far southwest corner of the map. This will lead to the Tower of Mzark, where the Scroll resides.

Who is Umana?

Umana is a Redguard and one of the explorers in the Alftand expedition. She and Sulla Trebatius are encountered just before one of the many entrances into Blackreach. Both of them are hostile to the Dragonborn.

Why are there Falmer servants?

The Falmer Servants are enslaved citizens of Skyrim that the Falmer have captured and forced to fight for their bidding. Not much is known about them but they are confirmed to consist of Nords, Bretons, Orsimer, Khajiit, Redguards, Bosmer, and Dunmer. They can be found in Blackreach.

How do you open the great lift in Alftand?

The gate can only be opened from within, by pulling a lever to the right of the gate, after which the lift can be entered from Skyrim whenever you travel there (fast traveling places you right outside the lift). The map marker for this location does not appear until the lift is activated inside Blackreach.

How do you retrieve the Elder Scroll in Alftand?

Elder Knowledge

  1. Learn the location of the Elder Scroll.
  2. (Optional) Talk to Arngeir or Esbern.
  3. Travel to the Alfland Cathedral (in Alfland Glaciul Ruins) and use the Lexicon given to you by Septimus Signus(from the quest Discerning the Transmundane) to recover the Elder Scroll.

Who is Umana Okon Umana?

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Where is Umana Skyrim?

Umana is a Redguard warrior found in the last chamber inside Alftand cathedral.

Why did the dwemer enslave the snow elves?

They were forced to eat toxic plants in order to live underground. This toxic fungus naturally came from Blackreach, and the Dwemer fed the toxic fungus to the Snow Elves. The toxins gradually destroyed their sight, and this loss happened over generations. The Dwemer then forced the blind Snow Elves into slavery.

Are there giants in Blackreach?

Various inhabitants can be found within Blackreach, these include Dwemer Animunculi, Falmer, Vampires, Giants, Frost Trolls, and Wispmothers.

How do you open the gate in Alftand Cathedral?

Alftand Cathedral The path to the exit is blocked and can only be opened by the lever on a platform at the top of the stairs with two chests next to it. Around the area are several Falmer tents containing various Falmer equipment and ingredients. Past the gate, up the stairs, are two Dwarven Centurions.

How do you get past the gate in Alftand?

Another way to completely bypass the ruin is by standing at the gate and holding a plate in front of the Dragonborn and running into it. One must move the plate around to find the correct spots that allow them to move through the gate. Alftand means “elf tooth” in Swedish.

How do I get Urag gro-Shub to tell me about the Elder Scroll?


  1. Discover the location of the Elder Scroll (Dragon)
  2. Travel to the Mage College at Winterhold.
  3. Speak with Urag gro-Shub.
  4. Complete the quest Discerning the Transmundane until retrieving the Elder Scroll.

How do I get Elder Scroll early?

Yes you can get the scroll early. I did it three times. Just go to Septimus with level 15+ and do the quest. When you go in the room where the scroll is, you can take it from there.

Can you marry the Snow Elf in Skyrim?

You cant marry Gelebor. Sorry. Well If mods can’t do the job you’re out of luck.

What should I not miss in Blackreach Skyrim?

Here are ten things explorers should know about Blackreach.

  • 5 A Tower Was Built To House An Elder Scroll.
  • 6 No One Knows How A Dragon Got In Blackreach.
  • 7 Soul Gems Can Be Harvested In Geode Veins.
  • 8 There Are A Lot Of Deadly And Unique Flora And Fauna.
  • 9 Crimson Nirnroot Only Grows Here.
  • 10 The Dwemer Once Resided Here.

Where can I find Umana?

Umana is a Redguard and one of the explorers in the Alftand expedition. She and Sulla Trebatius are encountered just before one of the many entrances into Blackreach.

Where is Umana in alftand Cathedral?

Umana is a Redguard warrior found in the last chamber inside Alftand cathedral. Upon entering the room, she will speak to an Imperial soldier named Sulla Trebatius about leaving this cursed place.

What kind of armor does Umana wear?

Umana wears a set of steel plate armor along with a matching pair of gauntlets and boots. In combat, she relies on her unique shield and a leveled war axe, which can be up to elven in quality. Umana: “Sulla, let’s just get out of here.

What was Umana’s first concern while exploring the ruins?

Umana states in her journal that while first excited to be exploring the ruins, she began to worry about the members of the team that would go missing in the night and thought she could hear their screams from somewhere in the ruin, though was unsure if it was real or just nightmares.