Who is Maoist leader?

Who is Maoist leader?

Muppala Lakshmana Rao, commonly known by his nom de guerre Ganapathy or Ganapathi, is the leader of the Indian Maoist movement and former General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), a banned Maoist insurgent communist party in India.

Who funds Naxals India?

The financial base of the Naxalites is diverse because the organisation finances itself from a series of sources. The mining industry is known to be a profitable financial source for the Naxalites, as they tend to tax about 3% of the profits from each mining company that operates in the areas under Naxal control.

What is the aim of Maoist?

Answer: Maoism is a form of communism developed by Mao Tse Tung. It is a doctrine to capture State power through a combination of armed insurgency, mass mobilization and strategic alliances. The Maoists also use propaganda and disinformation against State institutions as other components of their insurgency doctrine.

What do Naxals want in India?

The Naxalites have frequently targeted tribal, police and government workers in what they say is a fight for improved land rights and more jobs for neglected agricultural labourers and the poor. Naxalite active zones in 2018, better known as the Red Corridor.

Who is known as Kerala Marx?

K. Damodaran ( February 25, 1912 – July 3, 1976) was a Marxist theoretician and writer and one of the leader of the Communist Party of India in Kerala, India.

Who provides weapons to Naxals?

The Naxalites also obtained weapons by bribing or coercing members of the security forces to sell or give their firearms and the ammunition along with their equipment. 3. Naxalites also have their own local arms factories.

How many Bengalis are there in Kerala?

“Bengali” is now an umbrella term for low-skilled immigrant labourers in Kerala. There are 2.5 million such immigrants working in the state, according to government figures, roughly the same number as Kerala migrants abroad.

Why is Kerala better than other states?

Keralites have the best quality of life and have access to excellent medical and educational facilites, on parr with some western coutries. The state boasts a high level of literacy, way above the country’s standard (for men AND women) and life expentancy is the highest in the whole Indian sub-continent.

Who is ruling Kerala?

Pinarayi Vijayan became the first Chief minister of Kerala to be re-elected after completing a full term (five years) in office after a historic election in 2021 where an incumbent government was re-elected for the first time in 40 years.

Why do people leave Kerala?

Low wages, limited and irregular employment opportunities, failed crops, family debts and drought have been some of the major reasons that have pushed many people to leave their homes in search of jobs in Kerala too.