Who composed the music for Out of Africa?

Who composed the music for Out of Africa?

John BarryOut of Africa / Music composed by

When was John Barry born?

November 3, 1933John Barry / Date of birth

John Barry was one of the all-time great masters of movie music. His career spanned some 50 years – from Midnight Cowboy and Born Free to Dances with Wolves and Out of Africa – taking in 11 James Bond films along the way. The five-times Oscar winner was born in York on 3 November 1933.

Where was John Barry born?

York, United KingdomJohn Barry / Place of birth

What is the name of the theme song from Out of Africa?

Main Title (I Had a Farm in Africa)I’m Better at Hello (Karen’s T…Have You Got a Story for Me?Concerto for Clarinet in A major, K. 6…SafariKaren’s Journey / Siyawe
Out of Africa/Songs

What is the theme of the movie Out of Africa?

Anchored by the three central performances of Meryl Streep as Karen, Robert Redford as Denys, and Klaus-Maria Brandauer as Bror, the film explores such challenging themes as marital fidelity, the expectations and conventions of aristocratic society, the role of women in the 1910s, and the differences between European …

Who won Oscars for Out of Africa?


Award Category Nominee(s)
Academy Awards Best Picture Sydney Pollack
Best Director
Best Actress Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actor Klaus Maria Brandauer

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