Who choreographed 1/2 Step Ciara?

Who choreographed 1/2 Step Ciara?

Chanel Thompson
“1, 2 Step” by Ciara ft. Missy Elliott is one of the 46 on-disc tracks included with Dance Central 3. The routine is choreographed by Chanel Thompson and ranked under the “Simple” difficulty level (2/7).

What is a 2 step in dance?

A two-step consists of two steps in approximately the same direction onto the same foot, separated by a joining or uniting step with the other foot. For example, a right two-step forward is a forward step onto the right foot, a closing step with the left foot, and a forward step onto the right foot.

What is a 1/2 Step in music?

A half step, or semitone, is the smallest interval between notes in Western music. Notes that are directly next to each other—such as E and F, or A sharp and B—are a half step apart. Two half steps equal one whole step. The notes G and A are one whole step apart, as are the notes B flat and C.

Who is Ciara’s choreographer?

choreographer Parris Goebel
She hasn’t released any music since 2015, but hip-hop singer Ciara has chosen Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel to help her make a sizzling comeback. In her latest video, ‘Level Up’, Ciara leads a series of flawlessly choreographed dance sequences backed up by New Zealand hip hop crew ReQuest.

Who made the Get Up Tik Tok Dance?

“Git Up Challenge” Two half brothers from Utah, 19-year-old Ajani Huff and 21-year-old Davonte House, have created more than one viral TikTok dance. Their first dance, posted in May 2019, was to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” and has been used in three million videos on the app.

What is Ciara’s biggest hit?

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Speechless” 4:08
2. “Gimmie Dat (Slow Bass Remix)” 3:52
3. “Love Sex Magic (Sex Club Radio Mix)” (featuring Justin Timberlake) 3:28
4. “Can’t Leave ’em Alone” (featuring 50 Cent) 4:04

How many half steps are in a whole step?

TWO half steps
The distance between any two pitches that are TWO half steps apart is called a WHOLE STEP.

Who created the Level Up dance?

Parris Goebel
Following the creation of the pop star’s latest music vid, “Level Up”—choreographed by the ever-epic Parris Goebel, and featuring the magical dancers of Goebel’s ReQuest crew—it’s a very, very real look at all the sweat and struggles that made the finished product possible.

Who wrote Level Up by Ciara?

CiaraLevel Up / Composer