Who built Jainath Temple?

Who built Jainath Temple?

Pallava chiefs
Sri Narayan Swamy Temple also known as Jainath Temple is an ancient temple built by Pallava chiefs.

Which is the famous temple in Adilabad?

There are many temples located in rural regions of South India which are gaining popularity these days in the tourism circuit. One such temple is located in Adilabad districts of Telangana, called Jainath Temple.

How many mandals are in Adilabad district?

The Sub-Division is divided into Mandals. Adilabad District Consists of 18 Mandals. Mandal is headed by Tahsildar. The Tahsildar is vested with the same powers and functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial powers.

Who built Adilabad Fort?

Built by Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq, Adilabad Fort is referred to by historians as the fourth fort of Delhi, in the footsteps of famous contemporaries like Red Fort, Old Fort and the adjacent Tughlaqabad Fort.

What is the old name of Karimnagar?

Formerly known as Sabbinadu, inscriptions dating to the Kakatiya dynasty (1083–1323) by kings Prola II and Prataparudra found at Karimnagar and Srisailam provide evidence of the area’s rich history.

Who is the collector of Adilabad?


Name Designation Phone
Smt.SIKTA PATNAIK, IAS District Collector & Magistrate 9491053696
Sri. N. Nataraj Additional Collector( Rev) 9492422444
SRI.SHAIK RIZWAN PASHA Additional Collector(Local Bodies)
Ankit. I.A.S Project Officer, I.T.D.A. Utnoor. ITDA OFFICER UTNOOR 9490957007

What is the population of Adilabad?

Although Adilabad city has population of 117,167; its urban / metropolitan population is 139,383 of which 70,762 are males and 68,621 are females.

What is the old name of Adilabad?

The earlier name of Adilabad was Edlabad during the rule of Qutub Shahis. Adilabad derives its name from the erstwhile ruler of Bijapur, Muhammad Yusuf Adil Shah.

Why is Karimnagar called Karimnagar?

Karimnagar was originally called Elagandala. Later Kannada kingdoms such as Western Chalukyas ruled it. It was part of the great Satavahana Empire. Later, the ruling Nizams of Hyderabad changed the name to Karimnagar, derived from the name of Shahenshah E Karimnagar Syed Kareemullah Shah Quadrii nithinvasi.

Who ruled Adilabad?

Adilabad was ruled by many dynasties like the Kakatiyas, Mauryas, Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Qutub Shahis , Asaf Jahis and by Gond Rajas of earlier sub-districts Sirpur and Chanda. It was created in 1872 by the ruler and In 1905 it was declared to be an independent district with a prominent headquarters .

Who made Hauz Khas?

Alauddin Khilji’s
While the Hauz Khas lake was built by Khilji, the surrounding monuments were built by Tughlaq ruler, Feroz Shah Tughlaq between 1352 and 1354 AD. Hauz Khas, the 14th century water body built during Alauddin Khilji’s reign, and the wall of his capital city, Siri Fort, might soon be illuminated.