Which WWE Diva has the most championships?

Which WWE Diva has the most championships?

Combined reigns

Rank Wrestler Combined days held
1 AJ Lee 406
2 Nikki Bella 307
3 Maryse 265
4 Eve Torres 260

Who is No 1 female WWE wrestler?

1 Meiko Satomura (Rating: 9.64) Believe it or not, according to Cagematch.net, the best female wrestler to ever step into a WWE ring is Meiko Satomura, a woman most WWE fans may have never heard of.

Who is the hottest female wrestler in WWE 2020?

Top 10 Hottest WWE Female Superstars

  1. Stacy Keibler. Stacy Keibler is one of the most all-time hottest divas a female wrestler, she is born in the USA and she started her career as different Superstars.
  2. Lana.
  3. Alexa Bliss.
  4. The Bella Twins.
  5. Maryse.
  6. Torrie Wilson.
  7. Trish Stratus.
  8. Peyton Royce.

Who is the most decorated woman in WWE?

Charlotte is currently the Smackdown Women’s Champion and this is her 6th reign.

  • Sasha Banks (7 Titles) Sasha Banks is famously known as ‘the Boss’ in WWE.
  • Trish Stratus (7 Titles)
  • Becky Lynch (6 Titles)
  • Mickie James (6 Titles)
  • Alexa Bliss (5 Titles)
  • Asuka (4 Titles)
  • Bayley (4 Titles)
  • Lita (4 Titles)

Who is the strongest woman in WrestleMania?

15 Strongest Women In WWE History

  • 8 Jazz.
  • 7 Ronda Rousey.
  • 6 Beth Phoenix.
  • 5 Bianca Belair.
  • 4 Nia Jax.
  • 3 Chyna.
  • 2 Kharma.
  • 1 Nicole Bass.

Who is the most beautiful girl in WWE 2021?

When it comes to the sexiest and most beautiful diva in WWE one name always comes which is non-other than Becky Lynch. Rebecca Quin famous by her ring name Becky Lynch is a professional Irish wrestler who is currently signed to the RAW brand under the WWE platform. She was born on 30th January 1987.

Who is the best woman wrestler in WWE 2022?

At WrestleMania 37, she and Bianca Blair became the first black woman to headline the WrestleMania jointly. Topping out the list of top 5 female wrestlers in WWE in 2022 is Becky lynch.

Who is the strongest WWE girl?

Besides Kharma, Phoenix has to be the most powerful Diva on the roster in brute strength. She has had her moments in the sun as a multi-time Women’s Champion but has since been helping other Divas, such as Natalya with their pushes.

Who is the strongest female in WWE?

Who is the hottest Diva?

Top 15 Hottest Divas Of All Time: In and Out Of The Ring

  • 8 8. Sasha Banks.
  • 7 7. Eva Marie.
  • 6 6. Charlotte.
  • 5 5. Becky Lynch.
  • 4 4. Torrie Wilson.
  • 3 3. AJ Lee.
  • 2 2. Paige.
  • 1 1. Trish Stratus.

Who is the best female wrestler right now?

Starting off the list is the AEW Women’s World Champion, Britt Baker. Baker has only been wrestling for a few years, but during her brief time in the ring, she has become a major star, winning the hearts of AEW fans around the world. Baker has proven why she is the champion each time she steps into the ring.

Who is the best WWE female wrestler 2022?

Who is the strongest woman in WWE?