Which phone has 16 megapixels?

Which phone has 16 megapixels?

Samsung Galaxy A30s

Features Samsung Galaxy A30s
Front Camera 16MP
Rear Camera 25MP + 5MP + 8MP
Screen 6.4 inches
Processor Octa-Core

Is a 16MP phone camera good?

If you’re going to sell your photos or make large prints and posters, then even a phone camera with 12 or 16 megapixels or more will work well for you. But these days primary phone cameras generally have more megapixels than that. In my opinion, smartphones don’t need to have 40 or more megapixels.

Is 12MP camera better than 16MP?

Neither is better nor worse. A 16 Megapixels camera produces larger images as it’s capturing light using more number of sensors 16 MP against 12 MP. Other than that there’s no real difference in the phone camera when it’s measured against megapixels.

Are 16MP enough?

Re: Is 16mp enough? Yes, it is plenty enough. Bigger displays (print or screen) are sensibly viewed from further away. 16×9 inches easily, which a fairly big print by most standards, even viewed close too, probably bigger.

Which mobile camera is best for photography under 15000?

Top 3 Best Camera Phones Under 15000 are as follows: Infinix Note 12 5G: 5G, upto 2 TB, 6.7 inches, 1080 x 2400 px Display with Water Drop Notch, Memory Card Supported….Best Camera Phones Under 15000 in India.

Mobile Phone Price Available From
Vivo T1 44W ₹14,499 May, 2022
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T 5G ₹11,999 Jul, 2021
Samsung Galaxy F23 5G ₹14,999 Mar, 2022

Is 16MP enough?

So if you are a hobbyist and just enjoy taking pictures for yourself and your family, a 10-16 MP camera is going to be sufficient to accommodate most of your needs. You can make decent size prints, display high resolution images on the web, have plenty of space for cropping and enough room to down-sample as well.

What resolution is 16 megapixels?

For example, a 16-megapixel (16MP) still camera captures a picture composed of some 15.9 million pixels, each pixel containing a red, green and blue color dot. The image resolution would be 5312×2988 (5,312 pixels across; 2,988 down).