Which Finnex light is best?

Which Finnex light is best?

The 10 Best Finnex Aquarium Light Reviews & Comparison

# Product Score
1 Finnex Planted+ 24/7 ALC Aquarium… 8.30
2 Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED… 9.50
3 Finnex FL-48 Stingray 2 Aquarium… 9.90
4 Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light… 8.90

Are Finnex lights good?

The Finnex Stingray LEDs are a great value light. They’ve been out for a couple of years and have had a very good longevity record so far. They are great for getting into planted aquariums allowing you to grow low to medium light plants for most aquariums.

How long do Finnex lights last?

The durable high output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours.

Are Finnex aquarium lights good?

Is Hygger a good brand?

It definitely has the power to grow plants, outperforming even one of the pricey lights on the list. I highly recommend this Hygger light. My only real gripe is that it doesn’t save your settings if it’s disconnected from power. If you’re looking for a budget friendly light, this was the best of the bunch.

Who owns Hygger aquarium?

Shenzhen Mago Trading Co., Ltd.
Hygger is the brand owned by Shenzhen Mago Trading Co., Ltd. The brand Hygger was registered on Jul 10th, 2018. And it has been dedicated to developing aquarium products ever since then.

Which Colour light is best for planted aquarium?

Colors of Light for Healthy Growth of Aquatic Plants Red and blue lights are used in photosynthesis of plants. Red light is attenuated rapidly in water while blue light has better penetration in water.

How long do Finnex Lights last?

Where is Hygger made?

About Hygger. The brand Hygger was registered on Jul 10th, 2018. And ever since then, we have been dedicated to making aquarium products. Our headquarter is located in the most economically active city Shenzhen.

Where are Hygger aquarium products made?

How many hours of light does a planted tank need?

In a planted tank, the lights should be on between 8 to 10 hours. Too long will give algae the chance to start growing, so never turn your lights on for longer than 12 hours per day. In a new tank, start with 8 hours per day and adjust as necessary. However, different plants have different requirements.

Is 6 hours enough for planted tank?

Most planted aquariums do not need more than 8 hours of light. Setting your lighting period for longer than 6 hours in NEW planted aquarium set-ups. During the first month your lighting period should be shorter to keep away algae while your plants grow in.

Do LED lights help aquarium plants grow?

Yes, aquarium plants will definitely grow under LED as long as the light emits in the right spectrum. Regular white LEDs are great and will allow your plants to thrive.

How long should lights be on in planted aquarium?