Which festival causes the most pollution?

Which festival causes the most pollution?

Diwali is one such festival which spreads a lot of air pollution. In Diwali, it is a tradition to burn and light crackers.

Can the sound created during such celebrations give rise to noise pollution?

The sources of noise pollution are usually multiply during festivals like Diwali, in which fire crackers are responsible for noise pollution. In public festivals as well as in celebrations of marriages, birthdays, election victories, making noise pollution seems to be normal.

Which celebration activities of festivals and victories cause noise pollution?

Answer: Diwali is a Hindu holiday observed each autumn in India, where it is known as the ‘celebration of lights’. Burning of fireworks on this day leads to air and noise pollution, causing adverse effects to human health.

What is the air pollution in Diwali?

A report by Centre for Science and Environment, a non-profit based in Delhi, showed that the concentration of PM2. 5 rose during Diwali in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in the capital. It should also be pointed out that not all fireworks produce a lot of PM2.

How does festival cause pollution?

There are all kinds of pollutions that happen during festivals like air, water and noise. Basically we pollute all aspects of environment during festivals. The most harmful effects of festivals on air can be seen around the festival of Diwali. Due to burning of crackers the air gets highly polluted it becomes choking.

What are 5 causes of noise pollution?


  • Traffic noise.
  • Air traffic noise.
  • Construction sites.
  • Catering and night life.
  • Animals.

Is Green Diwali possible?

After successful initiatives such as water-free Holi and Eco-friendly Gansesh Chaturthi, majority is going for Green Diwali. This Green Diwali is way to celebrate the festival with minimum consequences to the environment.

Why we should celebrate smoke free Diwali?

Dr Arvind Kumar, Chief Thoracic Surgeon of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said there has been a rapid rise in the incidence of lung cancer in India due to various causes, including smoking and pollution, and urged that pollution be declared a major health issue.

How much pollution does Diwali cause in India?

They found increases in concentrations of PM2. 5 of almost 40% by the second day of the festival. This then falls back to existing background levels soon after the end of Diwali.

What are the effects of festivals on environment?

Every year during festivals like Diwali or even during private celebrations and ceremonies, firecrackers are burned, leading to the release of toxic gases and severe air pollution. There is a yearly increase in the level of Respirable Suspended Particulate Material (RSPM) in the air due to the bursting of firecrackers.

How do festivals in India affect the environment?

How do festivals damage the environment?

Festivals can produce the equivalent of over 6 pounds of waste per person per day, which is much more than you would typically produce at home or work. Six litres of diesel are used too just to power everything, generating tons of carbon emissions per year.

Who causes noise pollution?

Some of its major causes are vehicles, aircraft, industrial machines, loudspeakers, crackers, etc. When used at high volume, some other appliances also contribute to noise pollution, like television, transistor, radio, etc.

What is noise pollution examples?

street traffic sounds from cars, buses, pedestrians, ambulances etc. construction sounds like drilling or other heavy machinery in operation. airports, with constant elevated sounds from air traffic, i.e. planes taking off or landing. workplace sounds, often common in open-space offices.

What are the major sources of noise pollution in India?

Ostensibly in India, Noise Pollution is one of the major environmental concerns, the major sources of noise pollution are: vehicular traffic, industries, household instruments, loudspeakers, etc.

What are the main causes of noise pollution during festivals?

• Unrestricted use of loudspeakers and burning of high decibel crackers causes the noise levels go up compared to the normal times and cause the noise pollution during festivals. The imported crackers, especially from China are found be to be violating the norms of the land.

How can we curb pollution during festivals?

The authorities must come up with proactive measures to curb pollution during the festivals by considering the Article 25 in letter and spirit. Take Weekly Tests on app for exam prep and compete with others. Download Current Affairs and GK app

What are the rules for noise pollution in residential areas?

Under the Noise Rules, 2000, separate ambient levels are fixed for industrial, commercial and residential areas and silence zones. The prescribed day time level (6.00 AM to 10.00 PM) is typically ten decibels higher than the corresponding levels for night time.