Which F1 driver has most pole positions?

Which F1 driver has most pole positions?

Lewis Hamilton
Most pole positions (driver)

Pos Driver Pole positions
1 Lewis Hamilton 103
2 Michael Schumacher 68
3 Ayrton Senna 65
4 Sebastian Vettel 57

How many pole positions did Michael Schumacher have in Formula 1?

Top 25 Formula 1 drivers based on the number of pole positions achieved as of May 2022

Characteristic Number of pole positions
Schumacher, Michael 68
Senna, Ayrton 65
Vettel, Sebastian 57
Clark, Jim 33

Where are most F1 drivers from?

The United Kingdom is the most represented country, having produced 163 drivers.

How many pole positions did Hamilton have?

Total pole positions Hamilton has achieved at least one pole position in every season he has competed in, ranging from one pole position in 2011 and 2012, up to 12 pole positions in 2016.

Who is the youngest pole sitter in f1?

Youngest F1 pole position

Driver Age
1 Sebastian Vettel 21 years, 72 days
2 Charles Leclerc 21 years, 165 days
3 Fernando Alonso 21 years, 236 days
4 Max Verstappen 21 years, 307 days

Who was the 100th pole sitter in F1?

Lewis Hamilton is the clear winner in terms of taking out the most pole positions. He is the first F1 driver to reach triple-digit pole position wins. He won his 100th pole position in 2021 at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Who is the youngest pole sitter in F1?

Sebastian Vettel is the youngest polesitter; he was 21 years, 72 days old when he qualified in first place for the 2008 Italian Grand Prix. The oldest person to qualify in pole position was Nino Farina, who was 47 years, 79 days old when he was polesitter for the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix.

Who has the longest F1 career?

Fernando Alonso has officially had the longest Formula 1 career in the sport’s history, overtaking Michael Schumacher at the top of the list. The German was for so long the most successful racer ever to appear in the sport, and was around for longer than anyone before him as well.

How many black F1 drivers has there been?

McLaren (2007–2012) Hamilton is the first and, as of 2021, the only black driver to race in the series.