Which area is Hebden Bridge in?

Which area is Hebden Bridge in?

West Yorkshire
Hebden Bridge is a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, England. It is 8 miles (13 km) west of Halifax and 14 miles (21 km) north-east of Rochdale, at the confluence of the River Calder and the Hebden Water. The town is the largest settlement in the civil parish of Hebden Royd.

What is famous about Hebden Bridge?

Known as the lesbian capital of the UK, Hebden Bridge is said to have more lesbians per square foot than anywhere else in the country. One of the most inclusive towns in the whole country, this is a welcoming place where people are encouraged to be themselves.

Is Hebden Bridge a nice area?

Often named among the world’s quirkiest towns, with its relaxed vibe, colourful characters and all-round festival atmosphere, Hebden has become one of the most desirable places to live in Yorkshire.

Which county is Hebden Bridge?

How, for instance, has a small, peaceful market town like Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire become known as “the lesbian capital of the UK”?

How far is Hebden Bridge from Halifax?

Halifax to Hebden Bridge by train

Journey time From 10m
Distance 6 miles (10 km)
Frequency 57 trains per day
First train 04:44
Last train 22:50

Is Hebden Bridge in Peak District?

The Pennine Way long distance footpath also passes near Hebden Bridge – en route from its starting point at Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District to Kirk Yetholm in Scotland, a trek of about 250 miles.

Which bridge is Hebden Bridge?

“Is this the Hebden Bridge?” visitors invariably ask when you show them the 16th-century packhorse bridge spanning Hebden Water in the centre of town. Well, yes it is. And a lovely bridge it is too, with its three wide gritstone arches and steep cobbled walkway.

Is Hebden Bridge worth visiting?

It’s a very peaceful place and was worth the steep walk. There is only the cafe, the post office and the pub there to go into. There are lovely views up there. Gorgeous place, passed through on our walk to Hardcastle Craggs.

Did Ed Sheeran live in Hebden Bridge?

Ed Sheeran, 27, was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire on February 17, 1991. He initially lived in Hebden Bridge before his family moved to the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk.

Where do hippies live UK?

Glastonbury Glastonbury is possibly the most hippy town in England.

Is Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Dales?

Hebden Bridge is a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. It is 8 miles west of Halifax and 14 miles north-east of Rochdale, at the confluence of the River Calder and the Hebden Water.

How long does it take to get to Hebden Bridge from Halifax?

approximately 16 min
Yes, the driving distance between Halifax to Hebden Bridge is 8 miles. It takes approximately 16 min to drive from Halifax to Hebden Bridge.

How far is Haworth from Halifax?

9 miles
The distance between Halifax and Haworth is 9 miles. The road distance is 11.8 miles.

What’s it like living in Hebden Bridge?

Hebden Bridge is a National Trust beauty spot, a picturesque market town in the Calder Valley with loads of independent shops & cafes and some fantastic countryside walks. It’s a funky town, with arts festivals, a beautiful art deco cinema and an iconic music venue The Trades Club.

How do I spend a day in Hebden Bridge?

My Guide to a Weekend in Hebden Bridge

  1. Day 1. Vocation & Co.
  2. Day 2. Squeeze Food & Smoothie Bar. Footpath to Heptonstall. St. Thomas ‘a Beckett Chuch. St Thomas The Apostle Church. The Workshop. The White Lion.
  3. Day 3. Cafe Solo. Hebden Bridge Canal. Calder Holmes Park. Park Life Cafe.
  4. Transport. Hebden Bridge Station (stop HB1)

How far is Sowerby Bridge from Halifax?

2 miles
The distance between Sowerby Bridge and Halifax is 2 miles.