Which are specialty drinks served at Texas Roadhouse?

Which are specialty drinks served at Texas Roadhouse?

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  • Armadillo Punch. Malibu Rum. Orange Juice.
  • Peach Raspberry Tea Vodka. Fresh-Brewed Sweet Tea. Fresh-Brewed Unsweet Tea.
  • Cactus Juice. Peachtree Schnapps. Blue Curacao.
  • Texas Tea. Juarez Tequila. Gin.
  • Cowgirl Quencher. Malibu Rum.
  • Texas Peach Fuzz. Absolute Vodka.
  • Sangria. TRH Mix.
  • Long Island Iced Tea (Cocktail) Gin.

What is the blue drink at Texas Roadhouse?

The bright-blue drink is a refreshing blend of Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Rum and Dekyuper Peach Scnapps, mixed with Minute Maid Lemonade, signature sweet and sour, and Monin Blue Curacao. Kenny’s Cooler is served in a 17 oz schooner glass and sells for $6.50 . “We are excited to partner with Blue Chair Bay® Rum.

What is the maximum amount of liquor allowed in any Txrh drink?

What is the maximum amount of alcohol allowed in any TRH drink? 2 oz.

Can guests order two kickers with their margarita?

Guests may order an extra kicker with their margarita. What is a margarita kicker? A margarita enhancer.

What is the roadkill at Texas Roadhouse?

A chop steak smothered with sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms and jack cheese. Served with your choice of two sides.

What is a cactus blossom at Texas Roadhouse?

The Texas Roadhouse Onion Blossom recipe features a whole onion sliced down into separate petals. It’s then coated in a seasoned batter and deep-fried. Once it’s cooked, the dish looks like a blossoming flower, exposing each of the crispy petals.

What is a tall Texas Roadhouse?

4.Rocks : 3/4 ice with 1 1/4oz liquor. 5.Tall : 100% ice with 1 1/4oz liquor and guest choice mixer. 6.Double tall : 100% ice with 2oz liquor and guest choice mixer.

What is a tall drink at Texas Roadhouse?

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How many margarita options are there? 14
What is another name for a tall beer? Duke
How big is the Duke and how big is the Pint? Duke (Tall) – 22oz Pint (Short) – 16oz
What kicker brands do we hold? Patron Silver 1800 Reposado Margaritaville Gold

Is Blue Curacao alcohol free?

Featuring a mild orange peel flavor and a beautiful blue color, Monin Blue Curacao contains no alcohol and brings great versatility. Use Monin Blue Curacao in the bar and beyond, in non-alcoholic applications including lemonades, sodas and more.

What is the best cocktail at Texas Roadhouse?

5 Texas Roadhouse Cocktails to Sip at Home All Summer Long

  1. Armadillo Punch. Calling all Malibu bay breeze fans.
  2. Kenny’s Cooler. Fact: We’ve never met a blue cocktail we didn’t like.
  3. Jamaican Cowboy. We’ll take ours with extra salt, please.
  4. Sangria Red.
  5. Hurricane Margarita.

Can you get a Bloody Mary at Texas Roadhouse?

Get this: when you get your tab for the bar, it will read something like this: $1.75 Bloody Mary Mix $12.00 Premium Vodka $1.50 tap beer Yup, $15.25 for ONE bloody mary equivalent in size to a 10oz. glass.

Whats in the Kenny cooler from Texas Roadhouse?