Which animals are oviparous and viviparous?

Which animals are oviparous and viviparous?

Difference between Oviparous and Viviparous Animals

Oviparous Animals Viviparous Animals
Less. This is because egg laying occurs in an external environment High as nourishment and care is provided inside the womb of the mother
Some examples
Fish, amphibians, insects, birds, reptiles Humans, dogs, elephants, cats etc

What are the examples of viviparous animals?

HumanNeanderthalBonoboChimpanz…Upright manHomo habilis
Viviparity/Representative species

Is goat oviparous viviparous or Ovoviviparous?

Oviparous Animals

fish, YYES – fish are usually oviparous
giraffe, NO – giraffes do not lay eggs
goat, NO – goats do not lay eggs
horse, NO – horses do not lay eggs

What are oviparous and viviparous animals Class 12?

Oviparity is seen in the platypus, birds, some reptiles and fish, etc. – Certain animals undergo embryonic development inside a mother’s womb. They are known as viviparous animals. They do not lay eggs rather they give birth to live young individuals.

What are oviparous animals Class 12?

Complete answer: – Certain animals lay eggs to produce an offspring. This means that the offspring does not undergo any embryonic development inside the mother. They are known as oviparous animals.

Is Rabbit oviparous or viviparous?

Cat, rat and rabbits give birth to young living beings, so they are viviparous animals.

Is frog viviparous or oviparous?

Among frogs and toads, the majority are oviparous, some are ovoviviparous (lecithotrophic mode of viviparity: growing embryos and larvae feed exclusively upon the yolk contained in the egg, which is retained within the oviduct or in some ‘ectopic site’ such as the vocal sac or a specialized venue inside the stomach).

Are pigeons oviparous?

Example – birds, hen, frogs, etc. Case A – In case A Humans and cow are not oviparous animals, they are the viviparous animals. And also Snake and pigeon are not viviparous animals, they are the oviparous animals.

Is Turtle oviparous or viviparous?

Turtles, crocodiles, and tuatara are all oviparous as are some species of lizard and snake. Viviparous (live bearing): Viviparous reptiles give birth to live young.

Is lizard viviparous?

Among living reptiles, viviparity is confined to lizards and snakes, where it characterizes nearly 20% of the species.

Are bats oviparous?

Yes, bats are viviparous. Bats are nocturnal mammals, which give birth directly to their offspring.

Is Turtle a oviparous?

Turtles, crocodiles, and tuatara are all oviparous as are some species of lizard and snake.

Is Crow oviparous?

When the development of the chick inside the hen’s is complete , the egg shell breaks open and an alive chick comes out of it. For Ex: Sparrow, crow, butterfly, frog, fish, snake, crocodile, insects, birds etc. It is easy to collect the eggs of oviparous animals because they lay eggs outside their bodies.

Is Dolphin oviparous or viviparous?

Examples of marine life that are viviparous include: Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, pinnipeds, sirenians, and sea otters.