Where is Tryon Horse Show located?

Where is Tryon Horse Show located?

Mill Spring, NC
Located in the Blue Ridge Foothills of Mill Spring, NC, the competition experience is complemented by diverse onsite restaurants, a variety of shops, relaxing lodging getaways, family entertainment, and more.

How many acres is Tryon Equestrian Center?

The Tryon International Equestrian Center, created by Mark Bellissimo in Mill Spring, North Carolina, is situated on a 1,600-acre site at the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

What county is Tryon International Equestrian Center in?

Polk County
Tryon Resort, a sprawling $100 million equestrian center and luxury resort, is opening this summer in Polk County with events that could attract horse lovers and riders from across the country and worldwide, bringing a boost to the region’s economy.

How old is Tryon Equestrian Center?

The Tryon Horse and Hound Show was first held in 1928 shortly after the formation of the Tryon Hounds in 1926. The Tryon area’s equestrian reputation continued to grow throughout the 20th century largely through the efforts of Carter P. Brown and the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club.

Who owns Tryon International Equestrian Center?

Mark Bellissimo
Mark Bellissimo is the Managing Partner of Tryon Equestrian Partners who own Tryon International Equestrian Center and US Precision Construction, LLC.

When did Tryon International Equestrian Center open?

About Tryon International Equestrian Center The facility, which opened in 2014, includes a 6,000-seat outdoor stadium, 850 permanent stalls, 10 riding arenas, and multiple shops and restaurants.

Who owns the Tryon Equestrian Center?

Are dogs allowed at Tryon International Equestrian Center?

Yes, leashed well behaved dogs are welcome. over a year ago.

Who started Tryon Equestrian Center?

Roger Smith, one of the founding shareholders of Tryon, is a longtime local resident who was part of the reason Bellissimo decided on Mill Spring as a location for his new resort. “We were trying to do something for the community, something that would enhance people’s life.

When was Tryon equestrian center built?

The nearly $200 million equestrian center, built by Boston developer Mark Bellissimo, opened in 2014 and has a 10,000-seat outdoor arena, 1,200 horse stalls, a small hotel and a range of restaurants.

Who built Tryon International Equestrian Center?

mogul Mark Bellissimo
The sprawling horse complex in Mill Spring known as Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) is the creation of former tech entrepreneur and real estate mogul Mark Bellissimo, who, along with his partners, wanted to create a world-class equine megaplex that would attract the best riders from all around the globe.

Who started Tryon International Equestrian Center?

How expensive is it to show at Tryon?

Plan your visit at Tryon.com/thisweek. How much is admission to TIEC? General admission at TIEC is free and open to the public. On occasion we host festivals and special events that are ticketed.

Are dogs allowed at Tryon Equestrian Center?