Where is the party bit in Magaluf?

Where is the party bit in Magaluf?

Punta Ballena
Only 2 minutes walk from the Square, Punta Ballena is the official party location of Magaluf. With over 40 Neon lit bars, 5 Night Clubs and with many venues open to the early hours of 6am (the Strip is where the real party begins).

Is the Magaluf strip open?

The magaluf 2022 summer season starts from as early as April 1st and runs all the way through till October 31st.

What time do the clubs shut in Magaluf?

Sky Lounge is Magaluf’s answer to the clubs closing at 6 am. Sky Lounge opens at 6 am for everyone who wants to carry on partying through sunrise.

What’s the main strip in Magaluf?

The Punta Ballena, better known as the ‘Magaluf Strip’ is famous across Europe and is the ultimate holiday destination for anyone wanting to party with their friends abroad.

What’s the strip called in Magaluf?

Punta Ballena also known as the “strip” is where you might head out for a drink, bite to eat and then onto a nightclub.

How much spending money do you need in Magaluf?

100 euros a day easy for trips and late night fun. But you could spend all evening in Piano Bar. and spend 40 euros a night for a skinful and a taxi back to your digs and meet some decent people if you are 40 or over.

Is food expensive in Magaluf?

Depending on the type of restaurant you choose to dine, you’ll find prices range from around €3.50 for a full English breakfast, to €15.00 for steak and chips. Obviously prices will vary but the general consensus on food in Magaluf, is that it is relatively cheap with plenty of choice.

Is Palma better than Magaluf?

Palma is a major port city, not a beach resort. It offers history, city life, shopping, great restaurants, more sophisticated nightlife. But no exotic beaches. Magalluf is among the wildest beach resorts on the island.

Can you go to Magaluf at 17?

Been 17 should be no problem at all. Just remember to all stick together when you are out and about on a night out, just like you would back here and when you score with a girl and go back to a hotel with her to let the rest of the group no witch hotel you have gone back to.