Where is the best hunting in New Zealand?

Where is the best hunting in New Zealand?

The Best South Island Hunting Locations

  • Nelson/Tasman. Hunt red deer, tahr, chamois, fallow, goats and pigs in the Nelson Lakes National Park.
  • Canterbury.
  • Otago + Southland.

Is New Zealand Good for hunting?

Because of the number of large game species and varied terrain available, New Zealand is a popular destination for hunting-based tourism.

How much does it cost to hunt in NZ?

5 Day Red Stag Hunting packages – North Island Estate

1 on 1 Stag Packages SCI Score Current Price USD
High Silver 350-375 $7,500
Gold 375-400 $9,500
High Gold 400-450 $12,500
Super Gold 450-500 SCI $17,500

How much does it cost to go to New Zealand to hunt red stag?

Trophy Fees

Red Stag/Tahr/Fallow/Chamois Free Range (best available) $3,500
Tahr/Fallow (best available private ranch) $4,500
Red Stag (350-380) $7,500
Red Stag (380-400) $10,000
Red Stag (400-420) $14,500

How hard is it to hunt in New Zealand?

The terrain can be challenging and a good level of fitness is recommended, especially when stalking a stag over a couple of days. You’ll be traversing hillsides, dropping over mountains, and creeping through streams and gorges in search of your trophy stag. When is the best time to hunt in New Zealand?

Can you hunt in New Zealand without a guide?

DIY hunting or hunting without a guide in New Zealand is always an option. The major difference you will find in hunting on public land on your own versus private land with a guide is in the game management or more specifically the lack of game management.

Can you hunt for free in New Zealand?

There is limited free range hunting on some properties although most of the genuine free range hunting is done off the coast of Christchurch on islands for the Pitt Island Ram. Ram trophy hunting is year round as horned animals in New Zealand do not shed, but typically they are hunted from March through August.

How do I start hunting NZ?

The best place to start is by heading into your local hunting shop or contacting your local hunting club, such as a branch of the NZ Deerstalkers Association (NZDA). They will let you know the opportunities that exist in your region, club hunting trips you can join and local hunters to get in touch with.

How do I start hunting in New Zealand?

Do you need a permit to hunt in NZ?

To hunt on any land in New Zealand requires the permission of the landowner. On public conservation land, this permission is obtained by getting a hunting permit from DOC.