Where is Te Arawa iwi from?

Where is Te Arawa iwi from?

New Zealand
Te Arawa is a confederation of Māori iwi and hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) of New Zealand who trace their ancestry to the Arawa migration canoe (waka). The tribes are based in the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty areas and have a population of around 40,000.

Is Te Arawa a iwi?

Te Arawa, first inhabitants of the Rotorua region, is one such iwi.

What are the tribes of Te Arawa?

Te Arawa tribes today include Ngāti Pikiao, Tūhourangi and Ngāti Whakaue.

What does Arawa mean in Māori?

Definition of Arawa : a Maori people of New Zealand.

Where did Te Arawa first land?

the Bay of Plenty
After a long and dangerous journey from Hawaiki, the waka Arawa landed on the coast of what we know today as the Bay of Plenty. Tamatekapua was said to be the first person to spot the headland near Maketū and claim it for himself by calling out, “That point there is the bridge of my nose!”

Who came on the Te Arawa waka?

Arawa was one of the great ocean-going, voyaging canoes in Māori traditions that was used in the migrations that settled New Zealand….Arawa (canoe)

Great Māori migration waka
Commander Hei, Tia and Tama-te-kapua
Priest Hei, Tia and Ngātoro-i-rangi
Landed at Tauranganui, Whangaparaoa, Maketu

Who was the captain of Te Arawa waka?

Tama Te Kapua
Captain of Te Arawa Canoe. Tama Te Kapua was born in Hawaiki some years prior to the great immigration to New Zealand. He was the son of Houmai Tawhiti, and the grandson of Tuamatua and Karika. Among the generation of the fleet, he was regarded as being the man of supreme knowledge.

What happened to Te Arawa waka?

The waka was about to be lost with all on board, before Ngātoro-i-rangi took mercy and calmed the seas. During these events, all the kūmara on board the canoe were lost overboard, except a few in a small kete being held by Whakaotirangi. After the calming of the seas, a shark (known as an arawa) was seen in the water.

Why did Te Arawa waka leave Hawaiki?

Te Arawa and its crew left Hawaiki after a conflict over food resources involving Houmaitawhiti and his sons Tamatekapua and Whakatūria against the chiefs Toi and Uenuku.

Where did Te Arawa waka first land?

The Tainui canoe went on a long journey after first landing at Whangaparāoa. It was carried across the portage at Tāmaki before coming to a final resting place at Te Ahurei, in Kāwhia Harbour.

Who built the Te Arawa waka?

Te Arawa iwi
The Te Arawa iwi (tribe) built their first pā (fortress) on a hill in Maketū, just 45 minutes’ drive North-east of Rotorua.