Where is SSL certificate installed in IIS 7?

Where is SSL certificate installed in IIS 7?

How to Install SSL Certificates on Microsoft IIS 7. x

  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager (IISM) to the appropriate Server. Start -> Administrative Tools -> IISM -> Server Name.
  2. Open the Server Certificates icon.
  3. Open ‘Complete Certificate Request’ Wizard.
  4. Proceed to Complete Certificate Request’ Wizard.

How do I enable SSL on IIS 7?

On the IIS server, start the IIS Manager (on the Windows taskbar, select Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager). The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager appears….Enabling SSL in IIS

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the Add Site Binding dialog box: In Type, select https.
  3. Click Close.

Where is the SSL certificate on IIS?

In the Windows start menu, type Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and open it. In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, in the Connections menu tree (left pane), locate and click the server name. On the server name Home page (center pane), in the IIS section, double-click Server Certificates.

How do I bind an SSL certificate in IIS?

In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, under Connections, expand your server’s name, expand Sites, and then select the website on which you want to install the SSL Certificate. In the Actions menu, under Edit Site, click Bindings. In the Site Bindings window, select binding for https and then, click Edit.

Can I get SSL certificate for free?

SSL For Free is a nonprofit certificate authority, and it works on all major browsers. Similar to Let’s Encrypt and other SSL certificate authorities, SSL For Free offers certificates that are valid for three months at a time. Price: Always free for three months at a time.

How do I find my SSL certificate in Windows?

To view certificates for the current user

  1. Select Run from the Start menu, and then enter certmgr. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the current user appears.
  2. To view your certificates, under Certificates – Current User in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

How do I install an SSL certificate on my server?

How to Install an SSL/TLS Certificate In Web Host Manager (WHM)

  1. Your server certificate. This is the certificate you received from the CA for your domain.
  2. Your intermediate certificates.
  3. Your private key.
  4. Log in to WHM.
  5. Enter Username/Password.
  6. Go to your Homepage.
  7. Click SSL/TLS.
  8. Click Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain.

How do I bind SSL certificate to port?

Binding Certificate to a Hostname and Port

  1. Within Microsoft Windows open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select internet Options from the Tools menu.
  3. Select the Content tab.
  4. Click Certificates.
  5. Select the SSL Certificate to bind to a port and click View.
  6. Select the Details tab.
  7. Copy the value of the SSL certificates’s thumbprint.
  8. Click OK.

How do I activate my free SSL certificate?

Enter the word SSL on the search bar, then once the SSL Certificates show up, click the learn more. Click the Install SSL On the drop-down, select the domain name you want to install the SSL on. After selecting your domain name, click the Enable Free SSL button.