Where is Kevin Matthews today?

Where is Kevin Matthews today?

Kevin lives with his wife, Deb, and their two children, Trevor and Teage, at their home in Chicago, where he now broadcasts on WCKG 105.9 FM in Chicago.

Does Kevin Matthews have MS?

Kevin Matthews is known in Grand Rapids and throughout the Midwest as one of the top names in radio. Since his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis back in 2008, his life has taken a new turn.

Who was Jim Shorts?

Kevin Matthews
Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Radio icon (in his own mind) Jim Shorts from the legendary ‘Kevin Matthews Show’ joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to give his ‘Pig Skin Picks’ for the Chicago Bears’ final game of the season.

Is Kevin Matthews still on the air?

Matthews is no longer working on radio but rather a concoction started at the beginning of the pandemic, an ambitious venture called “Elevator a GoGo.” His collaborator is Bob Neumann, the man who has owned and operated for three decades Big Event Studios, where he works with his wife Julie Line.

What is Kevin Matthews real name?

Kevin Menear
Kevin Menear (born March 12, 1956), known professionally as Kevin Matthews, is a Midwest United States radio personality, best known for his 12-year association with WLUP “The Loop” and its one-time sister-station, WMVP “AM 1000.” Matthews became popular for his off-kilter take on various topics.

Does Kevin Matthews have a podcast?

ABOUT THIS PODCAST 🔗 You can hear Kevin’s Monday Podcast Express and an even longer and more insane Friday Kevin Matthews Show every week.

Where is Jonathon Brandmeier now?

Chicago area radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier is back on the air and doing it his way. Brandmeier, who ruled the local airwaves during a 14-year run at WLUP-FM in the 1980s and ’90s, is streaming a live podcast on Saturday mornings.

Where is Steve Dahl?

Currently, Dahl resides in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife Janet, a non-practicing lawyer, whom he married in 1978.

Why did Steve and Garry break up?

Steve & Garry moved to WLS, but ultimately returned to WLUP where they stayed until their split in 1993. The alleged reason for the break-up was Dahl’s on-the-air comments about Meier’s new wife, commercial real-estate broker Cynthia Fircak, while the new couple were on their honeymoon.

How old is Steve Dahl?

67 years (November 20, 1954)Steve Dahl / Age

How much does Steve Dahl make?

Steve Dahl Net Worth: Steve Dahl is an American radio personality and humorist who has a net worth of $15 million dollars. Born November 20, 1954 in Pasadena, California, Steve Dahl is one of Chicago’s most outrageous radio personalities and has also proven to be equally successful as a vocalist and songwriter.

Where is Steve Dahl today?

Since his time at WDAI, Dahl has had two stints at WLUP-FM (97.9, “The Loop”) and the now-defunct WLUP-AM, five years at WLS-AM (890) and -FM, and he now calls afternoons at WCKG-FM (105.9) home. During his time as a radio host, Dahl has earned national recognition as the elder statesman of Chicago radio.