Where is hurricane Blas heading?

Where is hurricane Blas heading?

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Tropical Storm Celia formed off Central America Friday, as Hurricane Blas headed out to sea off Mexico’s southern Pacific coast. The tropical storm is expected to remain off the coast of El Salvador and Guatemala over the weekend before veering away from land next week.

Where are the hurricanes located?

“Hurricanes form both in the Atlantic basin, to the east of the continental U.S. (that is, in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea), and in the Northeast Pacific basin, to the west of the U.S. The hurricanes in the Northeast Pacific almost never hit the U.S., however, whereas the ones in the …

What part of Mexico gets hurricanes?

Most vulnerable regions in the country to hurricanes are those in the NW (Sinaloa and the southern part of Baja California peninsula) followed by Michoacán state. On the Atlantic side, the state of Tamaulipas and the Yucatán peninsula are most susceptible to these storms.

What are the hurricane names for 2022?

Tropical storm and hurricane names for 2022:

  • Alex.
  • Bonnie.
  • Colin.
  • Danielle.
  • Earl.
  • Fiona.
  • Gaston.
  • Hermine.

Is there a hurricane going on right now?

There are no active storms. Select Recent Storms to view storms that have recently passed. There are currently no organized systems across the Atlantic basin.

What is the most recent hurricane?


  • 2021. More To Come… 2021.
  • Tropical Storm Claudette. June 2021. 2020.
  • Hurricane Delta. October 2020. Hurricane Sally.
  • 2019. Tropical Storm Olga. October 2019.
  • Hurricane Barry. July 2019. 2018.
  • Tropical Storm Gordon. September 2018. Tropical Storm Alberto.
  • 2017. Hurricane Nate. October 2017.
  • Tropical Storm Cindy. June 2017. 2012.

What was the last hurricane 2021?

2021 Atlantic hurricane season
Name Sam
• Maximum winds 155 mph (250 km/h) (1-minute sustained)
• Lowest pressure 927 mbar (hPa; 27.37 inHg)
Seasonal statistics

Where is the safest place in Mexico?

Seven of the safest cities in Mexico

  1. Merida. Widely acknowledged as the safest city in Mexico (and even Latin America), your biggest safety concern in Mérida will probably be the busy traffic.
  2. Playa del Carmen.
  3. Mexico City.
  4. Puerto Vallarta.
  5. San Miguel de Allende.
  6. Sayulita.
  7. Huatulco.

Is there a tropical storm near Mexico?

Tropical Storm Nora is centered several hundred miles to the southwest of Mexico, but it is expected to bring bouts of heavy rainfall from the end of the week and into the weekend as it strengthens and nears the coastline.

When was the last hurricane to hit Mexico?

This October will mark 100 years since the last time a hurricane made landfall in the Tampa Bay area. Known as the Tampa Bay hurricane or the Tarpon Springs Hurricane, in 1921, the region was battered by the Category 3 catastrophe.

Did Mexico ever have a hurricane?

• Mexico, October 27, 1959: Hurricane Mexico was a rare and devastating Category 5 storm, striking the Pacific coast with 261 km/h winds, and leaving between 1,000 and 2,000 dead. A landslide in…

Where is the current hurricane located?

You’ve come to the right place! The NOAA Hurricane Tracker shows active storms in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific regions, monitored via the GOES East (GOES-16) and GOES West (GOES-17) satellites. The tracker also allows users to see the paths of previous hurricanes from this season, as well as interact with the satellite imagery.