Where is Dr George Blumenschein now?

Where is Dr George Blumenschein now?

Dr. George R. Blumenschein, Jr. is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Thoracic/Head & Neck Medical Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Is George Blumenschein still alive?

BLUMENSCHEIN, M.D., George Richard George Richard Blumenschein, M.D. died at home after a long illness with Parkinson’s disease on August 30, 2016, at the age of 79. A pioneer and major figure in the field of oncology, he was renowned for his work on developing the modern approach to treating breast cancer.

Who is Evette Toney?

Evette Toney, was an employee of GlaxoSmithKline while Blumenschein was a principal investigator in a research project that included GSK. The GSK investigator said in court that the woman who made the anonymous allegations sounded on the phone like Gonzalez-Angulo.

What happened to Ana Gonzalez?

Texas Doctor Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo Gets 10 Years in Poisoning. A jury sentenced a Texas cancer researcher to 10 years in prison after she was convicted of poisoning her colleague, who was also her lover.

Who was Ana Gonzales?

Ana Gonzales started her housecleaning business 16 years ago as a way to survive. She had immigrated from Mexico two years earlier, and her second child was on the way. Her job cleaning in Sonoma County paid less than $100 a day, and she spent much of her shifts driving to and from her home on a ranch in . . .

Is George Blumenschein married?

But Blumenschein also had been living with his girlfriend, Evette Toney, since 2007; they are still together.

Where is Ana Gonzales from?

Originally from Peru, her family moved to the United States at an early age. She was an immigrant and a DREAMER in this country, tenaciously pursuing her academic dreams and completing her undergraduate education in molecular and cellular biology. She is a first- generation college and medical school graduate.