Where is bxm4?

Where is bxm4?

• BxM4-Woodlawn – Midtown

↓Midtown 26 St via 5 Av
Bainbridge Av E 212 St
E 210 St
Van Cortlandt Av E
Grand Concourse . . . Grand Concourse . . . Grand Concourse E 204 St

What Bee Line bus goes to Rye Playland?

The 61 is the first Bus that goes to Bee-Line Bus Route 61 at Playland Parkway & Theordore Fremd Ave in Rye, Ny. It stops nearby at 6:25 AM.

How much is the Bronx express bus?

Express buses: $6.75 for most riders. You can’t use a regular Unlimited Ride MetroCard on express buses. You can only use a 7-day Express Bus Plus MetroCard.

Are there subways in Yonkers?

Yonkers station is a Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak railroad station located in Yonkers, New York. It serves Metro-North commuter trains on the Hudson Line….Yonkers station.

Owned by MTA Metro-North Railroad
Line(s) Hudson Line
Platforms 2 island platforms
Tracks 4

How much is the bus to Rye Playland?

about $2.75
How much is the Bus fare to Rye Playland? The Bus fare to Rye Playland costs about $2.75.

How much does it cost to go to Rye Playland?

Daily: $30 unlimited rides; $20 Junior (under 48″) – Westchester residents with acceptable proof of residency are eligible for a $5 discount on these prices. Spectator admission (no rides) is free for Westchester County residents and $10 for non-residents.

Are buses running today NYC?

We’re running as much service as we can with the bus operators we have available. See when your next bus arrives by using bustime.mta.info.

How do you get to Rye Playland without a car?

The best way to get from Rye Station (Metro-North) to Playland without a car is to line 75 bus which takes 23 min and costs $3.

What time does the BxM4 bus run?

BXM4 bus route operates on everyday. Regular schedule hours: 5:40 AM – 10:40 PM The BXM4 bus (Midtown 26 St Via 5 Av) has 31 stops departing from Katonah Av/E 242 St and ending in 5 Av / W 27 St. BXM4 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 5:40 AM and ends at 10:40 PM.

How often does the BxM4 Woodlawn-midtown run?

The BxM4 Woodlawn – Midtown runs Daily. Weekday trips start at 5:40am with the last trip at 12:05am and most often run about every 1 hour. Saturday trips start at 7:00am with the last trip at 10:45pm and most often run about every 1 hour. Sunday trips start at 9:00am with the last trip at 10:30pm and most often run about every 1 hour.

Where is BxM4C located in Westchester?

ROUTE BxM4C: Express Westchester Manhattan A B C D Central Park Ave at Tuckahoe Rd E Central Palmer Rd F Central at Midland Ave G Central Park Ave at Yonkers Ave H Central at McLean Ave I Fifth Av at 98th St J Fifth Av at 43rd St K Fifth Av