Where is astound broadband?

Where is astound broadband?

Kirkland, Washington
Astound Broadband

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Kirkland, Washington , United States
Services Broadband Internet Voice over IP Cable television
Parent Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners
Divisions Digital West enTouch Systems Grande Communications RCN Corporation Wave Broadband

How do I speak to someone at RCN?

Please contact us at 800-RING-RCN (800-746-4726) so we may assist you.

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Is RCN being sold?

RCN, one of the Lehigh Valley’s primary cable TV and internet providers, is changing hands again in the private equity world.

How good is RCN internet?

Over at PCMag’s 2021 Readers’ Choice awards, RCN did very well. It scored an 8.0 in overall customer satisfaction, which put it in the top five listed internet providers. It also scored well above the average industry score, which was 7.1.

Who is the CEO of RCN?

Jim Holanda (Aug 2010–)RCN Corporation / CEO

How Fast Is RCN Internet?

RCN Internet provides download speeds up to 110Mbps and upstream speeds up to 15Mbps; availability varies by market. These speeds can be used in a wired mode by connecting an Ethernet cable, or wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

Does RCN provide a router?

Note, no device can get you faster internet speeds than your internet plan provides. Also, get the device you need. A modem and a router are not the same things. Some types of internet require both others only one….List of RCN Approved Modems.

Brand Arris
Model # S33
With Router No
Channels 32×8

What does RCN stand for internet?

Residential Communications Network
RCN Corporation (formerly Residential Communications Network), a cable television, telephone, and Internet service provider in the United States.

Is RCN a private company?