Where is Ap Lei Chau?

Where is Ap Lei Chau?

Hong Kong
Ap Lei Chau or Aberdeen Island is an island of Hong Kong, located off Hong Kong Island next to Aberdeen Harbour and Aberdeen Channel. It has an area of 1.30 square kilometres (0.50 sq mi). Administratively, it is part of the Southern District.

Are dogs allowed in Horizon Plaza?

Come and visit our 20,000sq ft space featuring our store, outdoor terrace and pet-friendly cafe (Vegan). Bring your furry friends along to mingle and run around outside, while you fuel your stomach with naturally wholesome food.

How do you get to Yuk Kwai Shan?

To go up Yuk Kwai Shan, simply get the new South Hong Kong Island line to the penultimate stop Lei Tung. Take exit B, go up the elevator, then cross the road towards the shopping mall.

Is Big Wave Bay dog friendly?

You can take your dog to Big Wave Bay or Sheko in Winter when their is no life guard on.

Is Cheung Chau dog friendly?

A fave among dog owners, Cheung Chau island’s main beach is an awesome dog-friendly beach where your pooch can roam free, unlike most of the city’s beaches, which do not allow canines.

How long is the Ap Lei Chau hike?

1 h 37 min
Explore this 3.5-km out-and-back trail near Ap Lei Chau, Southern. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 37 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

How do I get to Brick Hill?

To get to Brick Hill, make your way to Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station on the South Island Line. Take Exit B and walk down to the street below you. You’ll emerge in front of the Nam Long Shan Road Cooked Food Market. This is your starting point for the Brick Hill Hike.

Can dogs go to Cheung Chau?

Where can I go with my dog in Hong Kong?

10 great dog parks in Hong Kong

  • Sheung Wan Pet Garden.
  • Quarry Bay Promenade.
  • Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park.
  • Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden.
  • Cheung Wan Street Rest Garden.
  • Central and Western District Promenade.
  • Cyberport Waterfront Park.
  • Penfold Park.

Is Hong Kong dog friendly?

Hong Kong may be known for stringent pet ownership and import laws, but the city is an exciting place for dogs to live. There are plenty of places to walk your pet and ensure your dog has a happy and healthy life.

Is Hong Kong dog-friendly?

Is Big Wave Bay dog-friendly?

Can dogs go MTR?

But for MTR trains and franchised buses, passengers are not allowed to bring pet animals on board under the relevant by-laws or regulations, except for a guide dog accompanying the visually impaired.

How much is a dog in Hong Kong?


Package Fees (HK$) Desexing deposit#
DOG – Mongrel puppies / dogs From $900 $1,000
DOG – Pure breed / cross breed puppies / dogs From $1,500
CAT – Domestic kittens / cats From $700
CAT – Longhaired / pure breed / cross breed kittens / cats From $1000