Where in Croatia is Defected festival?

Where in Croatia is Defected festival?

Defected Croatia takes over Tisno’s beautiful Garden Resort each summer, bringing with them a sunshine lineup of house and disco to the idyllic Croatian shores.

Where is Dimensions Festival Croatia?

The Garden CroatiaFort Punta Christo2019, 2018, 2017.
Dimensions Festival/Event locations

Where is Suncebeat?

The Garden Tisno
SuncéBeat Festival Croatia 2022 – The Garden Tisno, Croatia.

How do you get to Dimensions Festival?

Dimensions Festival is located at The Garden Resort in Tisno and is easily accessible for party-goers worldwide. Major airports: Zadar, Split, Zagreb and further airports in Croatia and the surrounding area serve flights coming in from across the globe. Flying to Dimensions Festival is easy.

Does tisno have an airport?

The nearest airport is Zadar (Zimunik airport), which is located 60 km from Tisno when following the picturesque coastal road, via the highway there is a travel distance of about 75 km.

Is Defected Croatia 2021 Cancelled?

It is very much with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone the festival from 2020 to 2021 (5th to 10th August 2021 – dates confirmed).

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How do you get around Tisno?

The bus stop in Tisno itself is called Tisno Raskrižje if you want to look up what buses travel here. There are a number of buses per day from Zadar and Split to Tisno Magistrala and Pirovac. There are also a few local buses per day from Sibenik to Tisno proper, run by Autotransport Sibenik.

Is Tisno an island?

Tisno on Murter island is a tiny town with a big reputation on the international party circuit. Located 29km northwest of Sibenik and 80km south of Zadar, Tisno hosts several of Croatia’s most popular music festivals: Defected Croatia; Love International; Sunce Beat.

How many people attend defected Croatia?

With only 5000 attendees, the setting is intimate and exclusive, perfect for those who want to party next to crystal clear waters long into the night.

Is Defected Croatia sold out?

Defected Croatia has officially sold out – there will be no admission on the door, so please do not travel without a ticket.

Does Tisno have an airport?

When did defected Croatia start?

When did defected Croatia start? The first Croatian festival edition for Defected Records was in 2016.

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How many people go to defected Croatia?

3000 lovers
How many people attend defected Croatia? Roughly 3000 lovers of disco and house music are treated to a lineup of more than 80 artists.