Where I can read Malayalam books?

Where I can read Malayalam books?

MALAYALAM BOOKS @ indulekha.com.

Where can I read Malayalam books online?

Aksharathalukal is also a platform to read online malayalam novels and short stories. Members/Users of the Akshrathalukal can publish their articles like stories, novels, poem and literary news with this blog. Through which, all Indians who love literary will know your ability to write.

Which is the best Malayalam book to read?

Chemmeen to Aarachar: Ten Legendary Malayalam Novels You Must Read!

  • Chemmeen (1956) by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai.
  • Khasakkinte Ithihasam (1969) by O.V.
  • Balyakalasakhi (1944) by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer.
  • Aarachaar (2013) by K.R.
  • Randamoozham (1984) by M.T. Vasudevan Nair.
  • Verukal (1966) by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan.

How can I read DC Books Online?

After you make a successful purchase, please login to your DC App in your android/iOS devices. The purchased book cover will appear on the shelf. If you do not see the cover icon please refresh the app. Once the cover appears, click on it to download and read the eBook.

Does Amazon Kindle support Malayalam?

Amazon’s e-book reader, Kindle will now support content in five Indian languages, including Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam, a move that will help the US-based firm tap into the niche but growing ‘digital regional content’ market in India.

Does kindle support Malayalam?

Which is the biggest novel in Malayalam?

Avakasikal (The Inheritors) is a Malayalam-language novel by Vilasini (M. K. Menon) published in 1980. It runs into 3958 pages, in four volumes, and is the second longest novel written in any Indian language after Jeymohan’s Tamil epic Venmurasu.

Which is the first best novel in Malayalam?

Kundalatha (or Kundalata, Malayalam: കുന്ദലത) is a novel by Appu Nedungadi, published in 1887. It is considered to be the first Malayalam novel.

What is the full form of DC books?

DC Books started in 1974 by Dominic Chacko Kizhakemuri [popularly known as DC, doyen of publishing in India] is considered as one of the top five prestigious literary publishing houses in India. It is the first ISO certified book industry in India.

How can I install Malayalam font in Kindle?

Copy your fonts to the fonts folder there. Remove the usb cable. You will see the fonts listed in font selector. Kindle had added Malayalam rendering support back in 2016, but the default font provided was one of the worst Malayalam fonts.

Which is the first novel in Kerala?

Appu Nedungadi was the author of Kundalatha, which was published in 1887, making it as the first novel published in Malayalam language, spoken in Kerala state, South India.

Who wrote Indulekha?

Oyyarathu Chandu MenonIndulekha / Author

What is the biggest novel in Malayalam?

Who owns DC Books?

Dominic Chacko Kizhakemuri
Dominic Chacko Kizhakemuri (born 12 January 1914 – 26 January 1999) was an Indian writer, activist, freedom-fighter and book publisher from Kerala. He founded the book publishing company known as DC Books.

How can I publish my book in Kerala?

How to Publish a Malayalam Book with Amazon KDP?

  1. Prepare your manuscript in Unicode font.
  2. Design a book cover.
  3. Before you log in to, make sure your browser is updated.
  4. Log in to kdp.amazon.com.
  5. Create Your account in Amazon KDP.
  6. Enter your full name and full address.
  7. Complete your personal data by adding bank account number.