Where do I return statues in Sleeping Dogs?

Where do I return statues in Sleeping Dogs?

How to find the Sleeping Dogs jade statues. The jade statues become available after you complete the Amanda story line mission. Each time you come across one of the jade statues, return it to Sifu at the dojo and you will be offered a new technique to learn in fighting.

How do you get the statue in Central in Sleeping Dogs?

You will not be able to get it except during the main story mission Bad Luck. The second Jade statue is visible in a condo in Central. When you are committed to doing the main story mission Conflicted Loyalties, you can get the statue then, or return after that mission is completed to visit the condo.

How do you get the jade statue in two chins mansion?

Open the gate to Two Chin’s mansion and let your partner in. Pick the manor’s front door and break in to do the Feng Shui “re-arrangement”. Note you must get the Jade Statue (first floor, in the hallway) during this time by safe-cracking it.

Where is the jade statue?

You will find the Jade Statue towards the northwestern part of Tulum in the Tulum Expedition in FH5. To get to the statue, you need to follow the road located around the expedition site. You will be able to find the statue just a little away from the road. You will see the statue after you pass two huge structures.

Where is the Golden Koi in Sleeping Dogs?

North Point, Hong Kong
The Golden Koi is a Yum cha restaurant located in North Point, Hong Kong, owned by Mrs. Chu. The Golden Koi restaurant acts as a meeting place for many of the Water Street Gang, a faction of the Sun On Yee triads.

Where is the golden statue Forza?

The region you’ll want to be in is the Ek’ Balam region. Once you’ve made your way to the Tulum Expedition site, head over to the Central Ruin in the middle of the site. To the southeast is an old structure surrounded by sticks pointed up in the air. Underneath them, you’ll find the Golden Statue.

What is the jade statue fh5?

The Jade Statue is an ancient Mayan artifact that you are tasked with photographing in Forza Horizon 5. This guide will help you pin down its location, as well as all of the other points of interest in the surrounding region. Taking a picture of the Jade Statue is an optional objective in the Tulum Expedition.

What is the jade statue FH5?

Where is Ramirez plane Forza 5?

To find where Ramiro has landed, go to the very south-east of the location. It’s here you’ll find the plane – allowing you to leave the area. Enjoy racing through the storm on the way back!

How do you take a picture of the jade statue in FH5?

Press A on your Xbox controller or Enter on your keyboard to take a photograph. So there you have it. This is all you need to do to successfully photograph the Jade Statue in Forza Horizon 5 (FH5). Remember, doing so will also help you complete one of the Tulum Expedition objectives.

Where are the jade statues in Sleeping Dogs?


  • In Club Bam Bam’s VIP Lounge.
  • On a boat at North Point Waterfront, easily found while doing the cop mission Popstar Lead 3 when Wei needs to get on top of the boat’s roof.
  • Inside the Golden Koi’s kitchen.
  • In the North Point Temple.

Is the horizon realistic?

Visually, Forza Horizon 5 retains its position as the prettiest racing game and, thanks to photogrammetry, also one of the most realistic. Only Ride 4 in the rain with the infamous bike helmet view is as impressive, and that’s saying something.